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Kool DJ Red Alert On 98.7 KISS FM (NYC) [12-29-84] by waxradio

File info for Kool DJ Red Alert on 98.7 KISS FM (NYC). Enjoy the memories. Genre: Old School\Hip Hop\RnB Length: 59 Minutes, 34 Seconds Bit Rate: 192kbps Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz Size: 81.81 MB Comment: Here's a mix from my personal collection that I just came across and figured I would share with all of you. I originally recorded the mix off the radio on December 29, 1984 and it features Legendary NYC Hip Hop Pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert on the 1 and 2's. The show aired on the Big Apple's 98.7 KISS FM and was hosted by the late Jerry Young. The set features a lot of great classics that are hardly played anymore so sit back, relax and enjoy the memories:)


.01] Jonzun Crew f\ Michael Jonzun - Lovin' – Tommyboy (USA) [1984]
.02] New Edition – Mr. Telephone Man – MCA (USA) [1984]
.03] Fresh 3 M.C.'s - Have Your Heart – Profile (USA) [1984]
.04] Fat Boys – Can You Feel It – Sutra (USA) [1984]
.05] L.L. Cool J – I Need A Beat (Vocal Mix) - Def Jam Recordings (USA) [1984]
.06] Cold Crush Brothers - Fresh, Wild, Fly And Bold - Tuff City (USA) [1984]
.07] The Furious Five - Step Off – Sugarhill (USA) [1984]
.08] Fat Boys – The Place to Be – Sutra (USA) [1984]
.09] Kurtis Blow – AJ Scratch – Mercury (USA) [1984]
.09A] Whodini – Friends (Instrumental) – Jive (USA) [1984]
.09B] Kurtis Blow – 8 Million Stories – Mercury (USA) [1984]
.09C] Fat Boys – The Fat Boys – Sutra (USA) [1984]
.10] Donald D - Don's Groove – Elektra (USA) [1984]
.11] Crash Crew - 2-4-6-8 / Here We Are – Sugarhill (USA) [1985]
.12] Lovebug Starski – Starski Live At The Fever (Part 2) – Fever (USA) [1984]
.13] Captain Rock – Cosmic Blast – NIA (USA) [1984]
.14] Divine Sounds - Do Or Die Bed Sty – Specific (USA) [1984]

2009-10-19 02:47:00Z

Track # Track Details
1 Lovin'
Jonzun Crew f\ Michael Jonzun
2 Mr. Telephone Man
New Edition
3 Have Your Heart
Fresh 3 M.C.'s
4 Can You Feel It
Fat Boys
5 I Need A Beat (Vocal Mix)
L.L. Cool J
6 Fresh, Wild, Fly And Bold
Cold Crush Brothers
7 Step Off
The Furious Five
8 The Place to Be
Fat Boys
9 AJ Scratch
Kurtis Blow
10 Friends (Instrumental)
11 8 Million Stories
Kurtis Blow
12 The Fat Boys
Fat Boys
13 Don's Groove
Donald D
14 2-4-6-8/Here We Are
Crash Crew
15 Starski Live At The Fever (Part 2)
Lovebug Starski
16 Cosmic Blast
Captain Rock
17 Do Or Die Bed Sty
Divine Sounds

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Thanks so much for posting this. I absolutely remember this mix. I used to tape them myself. I'm looking for a song from around '83-85 that was played on Kiss FM on one of their mixes. It's a sexy R&B song with what I think are the lyrics, " I'm in seven heaven with your love". If anyone knows the song I am looking for, I would be eternally grateful.
yeah ... pretty much is the soundtrack to my childhood!
back when the party-people WERE in the house..
Kool DJ Red Alert On 98.7 KISS FM (NYC) [12-29-84]

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