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Loopmasters Competition

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Loopmasters Tribal House Extended Mix

Loopmasters Tribal House Extended Mix

By djpuzzle

 3/27/2014 6:45:54 AM +00:00
Deep House
1892 70 3 1 7


By djlopesdacosta

 9/2/2013 7:57:17 PM +01:00
Electro House
603 12 0 0 1
Dipolar®   annual mix

Dipolar® annual mix

By Dipolar

 8/12/2013 9:10:57 PM +01:00
505 9 0 2 1
Loopmasters" DJ Competition

Loopmasters" DJ Competition

By The-Track-Addict

 11/19/2011 7:20:19 PM +00:00
Soulful House
rhino!     Loopmasters D.J Competition

rhino! Loopmasters D.J Competition

By rhinoceros

 11/18/2011 6:53:48 PM +00:00
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Loopmasters Competition

CLOSED: This competition has ended

We have teamed up with Loopmasters for our first official competition using the Loopmasters DJ Mixtools series. DJ MIXTOOLS from Loopmasters is a brand new concept for forward-thinking DJs and live artists. Imagine buying a track but then being able to separate that track into its key elements and having ROYALTY FREE access to remix, effect, chop and loop the parts in your own individual style to create an exciting and refreshing new mix. Welcome to the world of DJ MIXTOOLS. See the DJ Mixtools Video here. Download the DJ Mixtools sampler and get involved!

Important Information

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