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    Username: Alex Rossi
    Gender: Male
    Location: Sweden, Italy
    Date Joined: 9/4/2011 11:52:12 AM +01:00
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    Swedish / Italian DJ and producer.
    Main style Electro & Progressive House, Big Room, Melbourne Bounce.
    Playing clubs in Italy, Sweden, UK.
    Resident DJ on Paul FM Radio. Tune in every Thursday at 9pm CET and you'll hear my selection of the hottest Electro & Progressive House tracks.


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  • Equipment


    - Traktor Kontrol S4 and F1

    - Midi-Fighter

    - Reloop RMX20 Blackfire

    - Macbook Pro

    - JBL PRX615M 15"

    - Allen'n'Heath XONE:XD-53

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  • About tracklisting

    If you claim to be a DJ (whether you're playing on an amateur or professional level) and can't share playlists to your listeners, then I don't trust you. Don't give me lame excuses and shit about you being lazy or that you can email the tracklist if people want it. It's a matter of respect towards the artists in your playlist and for your listeners to see what songs you've being using.

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