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Lisbon - Portugal
Dirtyfatnoise is Dj Marcello. He was born in Portugal 1981, since an early age he shown interest in music and computers. He started to play as Dj in 1998, at some friends house partys. In the year 1999 he started to produced music with his friend, dj and producer Ramnah. Dj Marcello started to play in trance clubs and underground parties in Lisbon and around Portugal m, such as, Lisboa Bar, House of Vodka, Bar Capitan Kirk, Psy Club, etc. Some time after he started to play a more minimal progressive trance beat mixed with a little flavour house and techno grooves. He had the oppoetunity to play in a few big parties for, Optimus Summer Festival, Hipnose Productions, with some huge international names like: Mahasuka, DJ Sebastian Kruger(SBK), Bamboo Forest, DJ Banzi (G.M.S.), DJ Sasha (Bitmonx), Dj Lars, etc? And Portuguese dj..s : DJ Manuel Lobo, DJ Pena, Dj Miguel Ferro, Dj Pedro Miguel, Dj Louis, Dj Diogo, Dj Ramnah, and many more. Since then he as focus on music production and try to search for mix of genres styles of music. And still today he searching for that groove and beat that makes people crazy. Please click on the link bellow and press like on my page Facebook Dirtyfatnoise Thanks for the support Follow me on Facebook DJ Page - Dj Marcelo :Dirtyfatnoise Facebook : Reverbnation :dirtyfatnoise Myspace:dirtyfatnoise Soundcloud :dirtyfatnoise

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