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Encompassed by Dj Digital2010

Those who know me on here and in my life will definitely see the relation to this mix and my life... Yes I have used some of these songs in other mixes. Short story here this is what has Encompassed my life for the last 37 years and this mix is a story of my life. This is probably the most meaningful and thought out mix I have made. It's trance and yeah I am gonna go back to breaks where it started for me..... But this mix has brought smiles to my face tears to my eyes and joy finally to my heart because i did this in one of the darkest hours of my life and seeing my wife smile and say Shawn you nailed this you nailed your life in a 2 hour mix made my heart fill with joy. I love music it is my passion it's really how i can speak my true feelings good or bad and it all comes out to a release a love and makes my days just go by alot easier. Would i like to be discovered some day yes I would but i dont want my work say music interfere with my life but hopefully someday someone sees this listens and says hey Shawn A.K.A Digi for being in the states and not being just a house DJ theres something there that we would love to have. SO I spread my music through the world one mix at a time through here. Eventually I will get the balls to start sending it to companies and other DJ's. But all you guys that have listened to my music and have liked it followed me and downloaded liked shared jammed shook your asses to the music I put out I thank each and everyone of you personally you have no idea what it means to me to see my mixes touch your lives the way it does so Thank you to everyone who has listened downloaded and liked it it means the world to me and to my biggest Fan Kristi Kizma75 on here my wife Thank you for booting me in the ass and making me continue my music because if it wasnt for you at all times I dont think my passion would be as great as my passion for you us and our relationship. Thank Kristi for listening to this today and saying you nailed you definitely encompassed your life in this mix I heard. You walked away to lay down and tears came to my eyes because its been a very long time whether it be on here or in person you have NEVER said the words today that make me want to pursue my music more and more. So thank you Kristi thank you for your support even when i wanted to give up and deleted my music but you secretly had it stored knowing this is the one release I have for any of my feelings. I love you I love what you have done for me and my music and I will always and forever owe you each mix each song and god knows maybe the money I can make off of this because if there is anyone who's gonna kick me in the ass to pursue this its you. THANK YOU BABY I LOVE YOU> And for all the people in the UK south america Swtzerland Italy god I cant even keep up with how world wide i have gone TY for your love comments following downloads and shares. For this Yank (american) I have been told by many that I should be in the UK cause I would blow up and be someone, but for you telling me that you as well as Kristi has made me that someone and that someone is DIGI a Dj that has a talent even he didnt know so thank you to all of you and Kristi though this is about me for saying those words today I dedicate this mix to you it't me but i am finding out quickly that I am a part of you more than I thought. I love you Kristi. I love you guys who follow and listen because without all 4000 of you who have listened Id just be a guy who plays music. I found out through all of you with comments and listens downloads that I am more than just a person who likes music and throws it up I am a true DJ true Producer and a true lover of music so again Thanks Cheers and I will keep on keepin on with this ! DIGI

2012-02-27 00:03:43Z
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Track # Track Details
1 Come into my world
Nitrous Oxide Ft Sean Ryan
2 Dreamcatcher
Nitrous Oxide
3 Anjunabeach
A&B Nitrous Oxide / Digi remix
4 Oceanic
Nitrous Oxide / Digi remix
5 The Journey
Mysterious Movement / Digi remix
6 Electrofly
ColdPlay Nitrous / Digi remix
7 Deep Psychosis
Dani Kandi Remix of Luke Warner Mat Lock Live
8 murder weapon
16 bit Lolitas Anjunadeep Digi remix
9 Amnesia
Nitrous Oxide / Digi remix
10 Breathe
Dani Kandi
11 No one on earth
Gabriel Dresden Digi remix of Above and Beyond
12 Can't Sleep
Dani Kand i/ Digi remix
13 Let go
Above and Beyond
14 Lonely Girl
15 Someone Like you
Adele ft Digi
16 Sweet surrender
17 Enjoy the Silence
Wrecked Machines
18 Liquid Love
Above and Beyond
19 Fallen
20 Never Gone
Adam Nickey/ Nitrous Oxide
21 Good for me
Above and beyond
22 On a good day
Dani Kandi / Digi remix
23 As the rush comes
A&B / Dynaglide /Digi
24 Beautiful together
Oceanlab/ Nitrous / Digi
25 Home
Stoneface Terminal / Digi Dub remix

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Thankyou, Baby, for the blood, sweat and tears it took for you to dig deep within your soul and pull out the emotions that you don't generally want the world to know. 'Encompassed' is you, through and though. You most DEFINETLY nailed this! I love you! ~Kizma~
Definitely encompasses a full range of emotions, great to hear so much passion in your work, much respect!
Thank you...inspiring concept

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