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    Location: Salt Lake City, United States
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    Donny Carr, better known by his onstage persona DARKO, was born in Sacramento California but presently resides in Salt Lake City Utah. With an extensive musical background ranging from the saxophone to the piano, DARKO has been using his expertise to professional entertainment for years. DARKO has performed and collaborated with major leading EDM event companies and international DJ’s including the likes of, Dada Life, Felguk, Darude, Rank 1, etc... DARKO’s dedication to his craft is palpable. Every performance by DARKO is unique, with a combination of DARKO’s original productions and today's hottest club music. DARKO is able to create a distinct and unforgettable experience for any audience. Amidst his beauticul harmonic melodies, euphoric synth riffs, deep driving bass lines and progressive beats it is obvious that DARKO is the real deal. Currently, DARKO is producing under Tainted Buddah Records, a fresh new label out of Spain with releases on all major online distributers.


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