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    6/19/2012 1:49:32 AM +01:00
    Thanks for listening to my set I hope you enjoyed :)
    6/18/2012 3:39:06 PM +01:00
    HEY, Please join to my facebook group Every week you can hear new amazing tracks by me! SKAUDAJ. THANK YOU
    5/26/2012 5:20:06 PM +01:00
    Superb mixes
    9/20/2011 7:04:29 PM +01:00
    More More More :D
    9/14/2011 4:51:51 AM +01:00
    Set mix funked up 8 is fantastic...I enjoy.
    6/9/2011 3:22:21 PM +01:00
    Yo, my mix is done and dusted... Pls check my profile for for more... Hey man I need to discuss something with you, please drop me an email
    6/9/2011 12:33:15 PM +01:00
    Wow man, great FUNKY beats! Loving it in SA, I will share my bit with you as soon as I upload...Let me know what you think
    5/7/2011 10:45:29 PM +01:00
    Some great mixes here,thanks very much.. Thought you might like this little photo video I put on you tube,mostly using mine & friends photos'some from facebook...
    DJ JimmyG
    3/17/2011 9:14:31 AM +00:00
    Contact me at
    DJ JimmyG
    3/17/2011 9:14:21 AM +00:00
    JDF if you want u can have a free-slot for our Radio Station
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