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    Username: Rob Vega
    Age: 95
    Gender: Male
    Location: Timbuktoo, Tajikistan
    Date Joined: 9/11/2009 5:12:00 AM +01:00
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    3/6/2014 12:59:02 AM +00:00
    sorry for the misunderstanding: "No, I didn't upload a mix, to your contest". I was just thinking, what would have been a good lead-off track to the mix that you did post :-) That was my suggestion, of Block & Crown. :-)
    6/8/2012 5:59:48 PM +01:00
    fantastic mixes , when sew stuff comming ? im having trouble playing s p a m mix ?
    1/21/2012 11:09:14 AM +00:00
    thanks Rob!!!!
    Sand B
    12/27/2011 5:31:00 PM +00:00
    Dj AndyN
    12/16/2011 8:25:13 PM +00:00
    Thanks for the feedbak dude mucho appreciate :)
    Dusan Dordevic
    12/15/2011 11:57:13 PM +00:00
    Thanks for listen and for advice. We could really use expert comments... We work a lot to make it sound perfect... Greeting from Serbia...
    12/7/2011 5:46:07 PM +00:00
    hey Rob than for the positive feedback on my track , now I'm gonna tuck into a plate of your finest mash
    Rob Vega
    7/22/2011 3:52:04 PM +01:00
    If lou like it 'Share It' & please let me know what you think, Nice one, xxx
    7/19/2011 3:08:24 AM +01:00
    A Big SHOUT OUT to Rob !!!! Thank you so much for listening to my latest mixtape "Addicted". I hope that you enjoy it and please keep on coming back. THANKS again Rob. It is greatly appreciated. -- much Love, ATTITUDE
    6/8/2011 5:40:46 PM +01:00
    ello mate, thanks for the comments, will try to dig out the set list i did for the ska mash, it's been a while i might not have it anymore
    DJ domamatrixs
    5/7/2011 9:13:07 AM +01:00
    thanks rob for your comment and you are right lots off old stuff for people to say something !! thanks for takin time to comment !! peace :)
    Rob Vega
    4/25/2011 12:42:45 PM +01:00
    This 1 hr set is a lively number good to play just before you go out partying for the night! Fun & Bass, Its a bit of fun, putting some humor on to the dance floor and not taking itself to seriously! Let me know if u like it and if you would like a track listing then get in touch.
    Rob Vega
    3/8/2011 1:07:26 PM +00:00
    Love your thoughts on the Mushier Mash Guys
    Rob Vega
    3/4/2011 1:06:57 PM +00:00
    New site has lost all my download history, o well? Will have to start again
    8/13/2010 4:25:00 AM +01:00
    Rob Vega
    5/18/2010 12:04:00 PM +01:00
    Just uploaded the track listing for my "Old Time Music Mega Mash Up" for those of you who been asking for it!
    the spaz
    10/12/2009 11:52:00 AM +01:00
    love your choices in music! thanx for the add into you wine set it works well. more rolph harris please!
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