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    Username: Tmc
    Age: 23
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    Location: Bistrita, Romania
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    TRAKTOR PRO,Behringer DJX700, Pioneer 100s, Fruity loops

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    DJ Milan Kostic
    7/28/2010 6:18:00 AM +01:00
    thanks for add
    4/29/2010 7:52:00 AM +01:00
    good luck! -you played cool music!
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    Umek ==> Born in 1976 Lubljana, Slovenia, Uros Umek began DJing in 1993 while he pioneered large scale techno parties with some of his friends in his home country which quickly became the county's favourite. Through his hard work creating these parties, techno became the most popular form of music in Slovenia and made him a very popular individual. He is the most popular and most famous DJ in Slovenia, his nickname is "Foter", which means father.. He currently co-owns runs Consumer Recreation Records, as well as releasing on, amongst others, Tortured (as Mumps), Planet Rhythm, Audio, Missile, Communique. His current style is the combination of many different roots, which the more long term Umek fans may recognise. Starting with a rough, uncompromising edge he quickly built a reputation in the studio. More recently he has developed a new funkier sound highlighted on his last double pack on Tortured under his Mumps guise, a real winner due to its funked up style - this was Carl Cox's number 1 record for 3 months. Recent productions included the hugely successful Recycled Loops (with close friend Valentino) and as Zeta Reticular on Billy Nasty's electro label (Electrix). The last two years have been massive for Umek, with him being voted into DJ Magazines top 100 DJs in 2002. He now stands as one of techno highest profile names, with DJing skills and production that far outstrips many of his contemporaries. 2002 saw him release the Torture Chamber Vol 2, plus an experimental album on Technika, showing the depth of his talent. Umek can be booked to perform on 4 decks, something which he has tried a number of times with great success. He has already toured Australia, Brazil, Japan and Malaysia.

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