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    Username: abradd
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Location: birmingham, United Kingdom
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    hi im alex (dj re-style) ;im 25 and i dj as a hobby when i get ;time inbetween work and my family life ;

    i like lots of different genres of music from 2step garage,bassline,drum n bass,dubstep right upto my love of ;UK HARDCORE ;

    i used to listen to hardcore when i was 15-16 but somehow lost touch up until ;about 18 months ago now im more hooked than ever!! which has led to me buyin some decks ;in the last ;4 months or so. ;i have a little setup in a barn used for storage ;and ive recently got a computer hooked up so i can record im now having to re-learn everythin cuz what sounds ok comin out ure speakers ;aint necceseraly good on recording ;:S still tryin to get my levels etc and welcome any advise/ constructive critasism ;thanx :)

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    numark tt1625 decks numark mixer homemix cd decks computer and audacity recording software technics and accoustic soloutions amps

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    uk hardcore!!!!

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    2/12/2010 10:26:00 AM +00:00
    oi oi! thanx for comment on jump up and wobble :0) much respect. welcome to hm :0)
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    dj squad-e,re-con,gammer,seduction, chase n status,friction,andy c,hype etc

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