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    Username: Bazw
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Date Joined: 1/25/2010 12:14:00 PM +00:00
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    Hey! What can I say? My names Baz and im a 31 years old, I've been a clubber, Dj, and Promoter...Basically I'm the jack of all trades but the master of **** all! I mix all genres of Hard House, a bit of Trance and a slightly bit more Hardcore. Ive been mixing for around 11 years and I still havent got bored!! My passion at the minute ( and has been for a while! ) is Scouse House/Spanish Bounce. It spans everything from really gay,uplifting vocals too reisty hoover driven tunes! You can catch me playing every other month at my residency at Bounce Factory in Birmingham, whether it be under my alias of Spoondangler or Klubb Khaos. If you like your Hard House Bouncy then get yourself down to this night, you will not be disappointed!


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    UK Bounce Hyper Deejays – Another Night Tina Turner – When The Heartache Is Over (Col M's Power Bounce Mix) Fitzy, Rossy B & M-Jay – Numb Spoondangler & R4 - Affection Hyper Deejays - In For The Kill Rocksteady - Bounce To Death (Machete Head Mix) Tom Berry and Pearce M - Closer Harmony Dark 13 & Marvin Medium - Mission From God Tom Berry - Fine Night Pez - Trance Heaven Phoenix, Paul F, Kye Shand - With An E Sabotage Traxx Volume 2 - Rock Your Body Lisa Pin Up - Blow Ya Mind(I am The Women) (Stevie B Mix) James Ellis - HunkyDory Tom Berry - Red Pill Freestyler The Stig - Boot Manouvere Legend B - Lost In Love (Paul Janes Mix) Vs Allnighters - Black Is Black (Tony De Leon Mix) ( Baz And Bens Mash Up ) Samuel E Reeve - It Picks Me Up TB Project - Come Dance With Me Unknown - 1-2-3 And 1 Establishment Vs Brain Bashers-Funky Music Spanish Bounce U.R.T.A & Navarro – Sugar Poky Frenchy Fresh – Poky Spring Frany Dejota – Wip It Dj Ruiz Feat. Sarah – Ponte Ponte Dj Nanny – Superpoky Sofia Dj – Wenakom Dj Ness X – Rock That Beat DJ Nocker & Javi Cube - Can You See Sergi Dest, DJuanmix & Mario MG pres. Arube - Everybody get up Sergi Dest & DJuanmix – Krazy Miky One DJ & DJ Kino – Kimichet GVA - Freddie Got Fingered (Freddie M's I Didn't Get Fingered Edit) Miguel Serna & Raúl Soto - Poky Rock You Raúl Arribas - Poky Zombie Dj Biohazard - Poky Fantasy Miguel Serna & Raul Soto - Keep On Make It Javi Crecente feat. Talessa - What´s The Time Raúl Soto & Miguel Serna - Riverside Motherfucker Pelaez Dj – Poker Pitbull Dj Miguel Serna & Dj Raúl Soto - This Is Me Raul Dm & Dj Omh - In My Pocket Dj Kasthel vs McAnan - Out of Poky U.R.T.A & Navarro - Poty Poty Miguel Serna & Raúl Soto – Everybody Milenia - Free Louder U.R.T.A & Navarro – Villamencisko Tinkle Turtle – Hard bass DJ Ness X - Poky *** Squad Santo Presents Monsoon - The Realm Frany Dejota - Drop That Beat DJ Mob - My Feelings (U.R.T.A & Navarro Mix) Tatto & Atra - New Experiences (U.R.T.A & Navarro Mix) Raul DM - Live Live DJ Dymanix - Pedazo Timba (U.R.T.A & Navarro Mix) Dj Dbc Presenta Ruben Felipe Dj - To The Club Raul DM - Poky Yoga DJ Lara Vs Sergi Val - Pumpin Jumpin Edu Vs Ton - Pokyton Poky Twins - Lokura DJ Chuci - Poky Power Cribs Base - Movies Main Pokdemons - Malotren Nightshift Vs DJ Leizer - Poky Banana DJ Rulo Vs DJ Morlak - Pussy Pussy Jimmy Hunter - No More Reggaton DJ Bruce - Bring On The Trumpets Springloaded - Have One more Springloaded - Rolled Up Herbie Cained - Turn Up The Dance Firefox - Asphyxiation (Grady G Remix, Freddie M Edit) Daley + WMD - Slutfucker (Whitehays Mix)

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    10/15/2014 1:52:04 PM +01:00
    Yo man! I love your discomixes also! Is it possible you make a discomix with a hardhouse bpm? Would be amazing for my classes. Greetingz, Lalabella
    1/26/2010 10:34:00 AM +00:00
    you should upload your mixes properly mate, people can listen to em straght away and they can also add comments to the mix properly.
    1/26/2010 7:15:00 AM +00:00
    I just knew you would end up with a whacky photo.... love it mate.... that is a quality mustash
    Unknown Artist
    1/26/2010 5:37:00 AM +00:00
    hi there :0) thanks for the add - peace :0)
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