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    Location: Toronto, Canada
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    12/1/2011 10:26:43 AM +00:00
    A Big SHOUT OUT to Andrew !!!! Thank you so much for listening to my latest mixtape "Somebody's Gotta Be On Top". I hope that you enjoy it and please keep on coming back. THANKS again Andrew. It is greatly appreciated. -- much Love, ATTITUDE
    4/18/2011 2:25:24 PM +01:00
    Love your mixes but I'm having trouble downloading "The Crossover", keep getting server error. Is there anywhere else I can snag it?
    Phill W Russell
    10/5/2010 6:02:00 AM +01:00
    Good Day, Just wanted to say Hello and to let you know I just uploaded my latest compilation of House Tunez for your listening pleasure. It is entitled ‘OVERLOAD!! – Take me back to BRYVAL (2010 Fall Compilation)’. Stop by and take a listen or download it to your mp3 player. Thanks, Phill W. Russell
    12/8/2009 1:48:00 AM +00:00
    nice intro on all good things
    12/8/2009 1:46:00 AM +00:00
    nice intro
    Kaleb Rivers
    8/24/2009 11:36:00 AM +01:00
    hahaha, Thanks bro I thought I would keep it interesting for my profile pic. the wonders of photoshop.
    Mixtress Mel
    7/27/2009 6:53:00 AM +01:00
    mmm coronas ;)
    Mixtress Mel
    7/27/2009 3:55:00 AM +01:00
    Hey thanks :)
    7/22/2009 5:00:00 AM +01:00
    wow. that was fast. here is my official "hello" HELLO
    Richie Rhodes
    4/28/2009 10:57:00 AM +01:00
    No worries Dru. I'm a strictly vinyl blender too mate. Gotta keep flyin that flag!
    Phill W Russell
    4/28/2009 5:12:00 AM +01:00
    Welcome My Friend, Welcome to my world of dance music and Beatz. I am glad that you have brought your music and influence to this site. I love to hear new DJs and what they are spinning and creating these days. Hope you take a listen to what I have to offer and give some creative advice. I am new to the game and I love what I do. My inspiration comes from friends, family and from my peers. Welcome once again. Phill W. Russell
    4/24/2009 11:30:00 AM +01:00
    You really have some great mixes. But I can tell that the best is still to come. I live in the Duke ,UNC area and your sound would do great here.
    Mr Black
    4/23/2009 12:18:00 PM +01:00
    I take my hat of to you sir. Let's keep in contact and trade ideas. *Mr Black bows whilst reaching for a glass of white*
    Mr Black
    4/23/2009 12:08:00 PM +01:00
    Dude, a load of my cousins are from Vancouver and one of my best mates is from Toronto. It may not be all that implausible. On a personal note, I think your mixes are fucking electric. It's not my normal bag but boy do I love listening to it at work ;0)
    4/16/2009 4:46:00 AM +01:00
    Hi Andrew, I just had a quick peep on your site. Looks promissing. When I have some more time, I'll be back to check out your mixsets. Cheers!!
    4/15/2009 8:10:00 AM +01:00
    lol.. thanks 4 the kind words bro.. i totally agree with u that sum tracks out there r pure suicidal 2 listen 2.. glad u enjoyed it and thx again.. keep in touch.. JB =)
    4/14/2009 8:26:00 AM +01:00
    Thanx for checking out the music. I will do the same. And...F*** Auto Mixing!
    4/13/2009 1:38:00 AM +01:00
    hi thanks for the comment really appreciate it, will check out your mixes soon......... dj f
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