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    Username: dj ma4u
    Real Name: matthew john o'hara
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Location: london, United Kingdom
    Date Joined: 1/6/2010 4:17:00 AM +00:00
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    8/19/2015 12:06:32 PM +01:00
    lmao,i will keep watching for your next mix.. :D
    8/19/2015 11:16:03 AM +01:00
    no problem, bro :D
    8/19/2015 10:58:32 AM +01:00
    wow, you got a very wonderful tunes there!! im digging your mixes now :D
    8/9/2015 10:59:16 AM +01:00
    Hi Matt just got on now following you not bad for a nonmorning technophobe :)
    4/23/2014 3:56:25 PM +01:00
    yes you are doing good
    8/18/2013 4:11:28 PM +01:00
    Hey, finally got to put my new mix up...still got to check your Kraftwerk mix
    8/9/2013 7:36:21 PM +01:00
    Hey mate! :) Thanks for asking... My computer crashed (power unit made a loud bang and flash and blew the fuse out) and of course I had most of my music and stuff on it :< I'm on this new computer now, lots of work with installing software and crap... Anyways, I'm already working on a new mixtape ;)
    7/27/2012 3:59:49 AM +01:00
    Hey!:) I'm listening to the woman mix, sounds good :) You were right, I like that one :)
    6/10/2012 6:18:34 PM +01:00
    great mixes as usual.... you should make a mi of the band journey..... keep the good work ...
    5/17/2012 5:26:35 AM +01:00
    Thanks bro! Interesting sound you got here! Pls Check my Youtube channel, i think you gonna like it ;-) PEACE!
    Dj Variety
    4/28/2012 4:06:27 PM +01:00
    Just got here Dj Ma4u.
    Dj Variety
    4/26/2012 8:40:16 AM +01:00
    Hello Matthew, thank you. My favorite song out of the entire mix is by the Psychedelic furs "The Ghost in You" Maybe one day I will do an Amazing Vissionary mix like your mixes. Now your mixes can literally put you in a trance. =))) Glad You like my mix. thanks Have a great week.
    Dj Variety
    4/19/2012 4:59:39 PM +01:00
    You One Deep and Wonderful Vissionary Man!! Very Talented.... Infact You latest 2000 man mix can easily be a Soundtrack of a Movie. Very Very Nice.
    Dj Variety
    3/12/2012 8:58:08 PM +00:00
    Have a wonderful week Matthew.
    3/7/2012 2:06:58 AM +00:00
    YOU ARE A LEGEND m8... love ya mixes nice... I was DJ of the YEAR 1990 in Western Australia You bring back memories with your mixes Cheers
    E Me
    2/17/2012 12:38:12 AM +00:00
    I like your mixes Keep it up!
    2/4/2012 4:34:40 PM +00:00
    hey matthew do you have mixes on other sites???
    funky dory
    1/8/2012 2:55:05 PM +00:00
    hi matthew you know i loved the 80s mix lol hope theres a part 2 xxx
    1/8/2012 1:56:21 PM +00:00
    Like your approach to tunes ! Listening to everything, listen to the best of everything many times !
    funky dory
    12/25/2011 1:43:12 PM +00:00
    yvw matthew happy xmas
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    love all types of music especially indie, dance and just good music that moves anything to meet thom yorke..genius..

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