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    Username: DJ Nostalgia
    Age: 44
    Gender: Male
    Location: Chicago, United States
    Date Joined: 8/17/2009 1:41:00 AM +01:00
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    2 Pioneer CDJ 800 MKII, DJM500 Mixer, and all Behringer Sound Equipment. You can't beat the Quality!!

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    Everything Mentioned above under Musical Influences..

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    Sand B
    8/22/2014 10:22:49 PM +01:00
    Hey Chi Bro! Oìm glad to hear u, It's good, if u are able catch me on thursday form my show ;) peace
    7/29/2014 8:31:08 PM +01:00
    What's going on my fellow chi-towner? Thank you for the interest :-D
    Sand B
    9/8/2013 12:09:34 PM +01:00
    Hey Man! Thank u verrry much for ur listenin and words... I wish improve set by set... catch me live every thursday on http://www.pgrstation.com/
    Sand B
    5/14/2012 12:57:03 PM +01:00
    Hei Nostalgia... How are you goin... Thank you for support!
    Sand B
    1/24/2012 9:58:46 PM +00:00
    Thank you Nos for listenin my influences... Did you like trax records feedback....
    Sand B
    1/23/2012 12:48:42 PM +00:00
    Ok but you are in his same mood.... You observed him very well..... and exspress that' music idea....
    Sand B
    1/22/2012 10:01:15 PM +00:00
    Sand B
    12/31/2011 1:12:58 PM +00:00
    Thank your for sharin timeless music.... Best 2012 for you and your family!!!
    DJ Rimiks
    11/17/2011 9:28:21 AM +00:00
    Thank you very much for your nice comment. Really appreciate it.
    Sand B
    11/2/2011 2:12:03 PM +00:00
    Thank you HOUSE' Friend for listenin.... I hope you like it
    DJ Nostalgia
    9/5/2011 10:21:33 PM +01:00
    I can agree with you to the 10th power on that!! I guess I need to check out more David Morales's works.. Thanks for the reference!!
    Sand B
    9/4/2011 10:15:35 PM +01:00
    I think past dj's like Hardy, Levan and Knuckles (still ALIVE!!!) had a particular gift to read crow and play the right records at the right time... My nowadays favourite David Morales plays inspired by that gift, he worked at Garage....
    Sand B
    7/6/2011 11:17:03 PM +01:00
    Oh thank you. I'm goiong listen more about your past mixes... Cheers
    Sand B
    7/6/2011 3:29:02 PM +01:00
    We have many points of view in common about djing, you can listen some of my works.... Cheers alex
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  • Musical Influences

    Stevie Wonder, BDP (KRS One), India Arie.. I'm into any music with substance. And just an overall Old School Head (Disco, House, Funk, Hip Hop, and R&B.. Even 80's Rock!!

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