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    Whats up peps, well ive been djing for sometime now bout 15 plus yrs.n love it rocked alot of places and wanna rock more in the future i hope you guys like my **** and if you dont O-well thanks for EAR. Leaving a comment means alot good o bad (dgaf) I mix everything but my speaclty is (DUTCH HOUSE, ELECTRO,HOUSE )COME OUT OF EL Paso TX, Chaps NM SHOUT OUT MY BOYS (TIMMIE PHATTS. ANGEL VALENTEN,DJ ZION,LAZER WOLF,FJAY RED ONE, AND TO THE WHOLE BTBMIX SQUAD) KEEP IT UP.............and to all the h8ters you guys are the ones that keep me going THANKS......... I WANNA GIVE A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY WIFE FOR HER LOVE and SUPPORT FOR MY PASSION n LOVE FOR THE MUSIC........"MUSIC CAN CHANGE THE WORLD IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS" PEACE

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