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    I Started to Dj @ the age of 18, mainly interested in house music & the sound of that day,(yes im an 80's kid) I progressed into different genres such as funky house, speed garage, bassline house, electo, jackin, electro line & classics,

    Ny first encounter as a DJ was with a set of Technics 1210's then went on to master CD's I still like to crack out the vinyl when I can as you can't beat the sound of it...

    My Real Mainstay has always been House, I feel that it the one Genre that is universal, Regardless of what Subgenre it decides to morph itself into next week it still gets my hairs on end when I hear a good track.

    As for my Favourite Track of all time it has to be Twintown - ROKIT, That track fucks me over everytime I hear it.

    Ive always tried to keep at the top of my game with the tracks that i choose to play, not a one for your commercial chart, I couldn't tell you a single song that is currently in the charts (bad I Know) Managed to hold down a few residency's over the years in my Old Stopmping Ground Of the Midlands and I managed to create a decent following along the way for the sound that i rock out, currently looking for opportunites in the North West Feel free to ask away

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    Jonny T
    11/3/2011 5:37:55 PM +00:00
    thank you for following..hope you ok sir
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