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    DJ Ciro
    2/27/2015 9:57:24 AM +00:00
    Thank you for stopping by to listen to "New York City - Sounds Underground". Enjoy the mix
    9/16/2012 9:43:33 AM +01:00
    I love your sets
    5/22/2012 2:10:09 PM +01:00
    many tks for ur comment mate ! did much appreciate ;-)
    5/22/2012 2:07:00 PM +01:00
    very enjoyable mix
    5/13/2012 5:26:31 PM +01:00
    Many thanks for downloading my mix hope you enjoy !
    1/6/2012 3:28:11 PM +00:00
    Thanks for your comment on my mix, much appreciated
    Unknown Artist
    6/20/2011 2:53:47 PM +01:00
    Echt goeden mixes maikel... Ik hou van deze muziek groeten Pat
    3/2/2011 10:15:38 AM +00:00
    tks for the comment much appreciated ;-))
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    Username: EKSi
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Location: Alkmaar, Netherlands
    Date Joined: 6/19/2010 12:43:00 PM +01:00
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    Born and raised on the mean streets of Alkmaar, EKSi, AKA Maikel van den Brink, started his musical journey when he was around 15.

    He first became interested in the electronic music scene in 1996. In 1996, aged 16, He got had his first personal computer "486 - DX2, 66hmz" that he was very proud of. On this PC it all started, he got fasttracker from a friend and installed it on his PC. In no time he had his first techno/hardcore music ready and shared it with his friends and on-line (dailup)

    Since that time and on, his been making music with Fasttracker, Protracker, Reason and Fruityloops. Started with hardcore, then to Electro/Techno/Hiphop and Since "June 2010" he stopped making his own music as he fell in love with mixing tracks. A friend of him "DJ Carlitos Way" was a DJ and told him he loved it so much and that EKSi should might give it a shot. 2 weeks later EKSi bought his first equipment: new soundcard, midi controller, and tracktor pro. Not very long after that he decided to buy some decent equipment, and sold all his old stuff, so he could buy his most wanted Native instruments equipment.

    EKSi uses the following equipment for all his mixes he does at home.

    * native instruments - traktor pro 2
    * native instruments - traktor kontrol s4
    * native instruments - maschine
    * native instruments - kontrol x1
    * native instruments - audio kontrol 1
    * krk - rokit 5 (monitor speakers)
    * sennheisser HD215 (headset)

    EKSi is a fighter and since 2010 has been locked in his home studio perfecting his mix styles.

    Suffice to say, the on-line House scene should be expecting big things from EKSi in 2012.

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