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    ][conic is an electronic music act from Edmonton, AB consisting of Logan Wilson and ??????.  They have been hard at work creating and learning proper producing techniques for making high energy EDM for the masses.  

    Aspiring to play in front of hundreds if not thousands of people at big raves/parties has always been their number one goal.  Helping people dance, sing, laugh and have a good time always competes with their number one goal, which is exactly why they are not just DJ's...they are ENTERTAINERS!  Thus making it a fun and unforgettable live experience for the music listener, raver, and shuffler!

    ][conic is currently creating an original 4 song DJ friendly EP.  It is heavily influenced by "rave" culture, so expect giant build ups and breakdowns in their music to cure you from your itches for the next big party!


    Upcoming shows:

    Twist Ultra Lounge

    Every Friday

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Edmonton Electronic Music Festival (Starlite Room & Y Afterhours)

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    September 15th



    Email us @

    Check ][conic out on facebook @