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    Check out my free global Podcast on iTunes called The Integration Productions Podcast

    Integration Productions was brought to fluition with the help of his friends Giano of Italiano Records and Kristian Moua of Voluptuous Records, Maurice Tamraz of the house duo J. Paul Geto. The first event was in the summer of 2008 and showcased 12 DJ's across 3 rooms. The partys grew in popularity and so did the talent involved with each event. Originally from California, Integration has now expanded to the mid-west. Integration was intended for four yearly events but now has its sights on a weekly event that will stay true to its original concept of integrating every style of EDM music and demographic...

    In 2012, Integration went global with the Integration Productions Podcast on iTunes... This Podcast is an eclectic collage of both Electric Dance Music genres & artists from around the globe. The purpose of the Podcast is to educate listeners on the history & the future of EDM. Mixes will be comprised of Live events and studio produced compilations dating back to the early 90's & the present. Each weeks Podcast will be an Integration of genres & artists to apease all fan-bases. No one style or artist will over shadow another. The Podcast will showcase 4-6 mixes per week in the duration of 20-20 minutes per mix, a megamix of each style so to speak. This format is designed to apease our fan-base's daily routines. These mixes will be perfect for commutes, workouts, casual atmosphere and all out raging if needed. Each artists committed to this Podcast receives no monetary compensation and is donating their time and talents for "YOU" our fans. This is a way for all of "US" to give back to those who have been dedicated to our art and the EDM scene. Sincerely, Integration Prod.

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