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Back To 1018 With Forgotten Freestyles by Joemunk

Here are some of those forgotten about but bangin ass classic freestyles that will give you goosebumps. If you were hittin the NY clubs back in the late 80s and early 90s, like 1018, Lamour East, Heartthrobs, Red Zone, Mars, Octagon, or Palladium then you know what Im talking about. Im pretty sure they were thumping **** like this in clubs in other cities like Miami and Chicago but i just dont know of any, sorry no disrespect intended. But If you werent even clubbin back then Im sure you will enjoy them as well.

2012-03-20 21:18:20Z
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Palladium!! Damn much props! I remember heading into NY every other weekend from Boston!
Lamour East and Palladium was the bomb, keep them crankin Joe there are many of us still out here.
I grew up in the L.E .S n Palladium was duh shi#!!! Also Homebase n Redzone..This freestyle is the joint, this sh*t right here..!!!keep dat sh*t up..
Thanx to all who listened, commented, downloaded and or enjoyed this mix. the feedback is well appreciated. I got alot more " diggin deep in the crates " trax like this house, hip hop, and salsa included. Keep an eye out for more once again. Once again, good lookin out to everyone.
Loving this to the fullest!!! This is my Uncle/ brother remembering all the good times we had to this music :) I Love u n very proud of u keep doing ur thing!!! Anyone n everyone listening to this I'm sure this music brings back memories n the good ol days!!! Big ups to my Tio/ ur thing Baby Love u!!!
How can you forget the good old school freestyles yea.
Back To 1018 With Forgotten Freestyles

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