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    Username: Lunatik
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Location: Bretagne, France
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    Numark, Serato

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    Kinetik Records, Close 2 Death Records, Genome Records, Silent Conspiracy Records, PRSPCT Records and many more

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    Lunatik Rezo, born in 1980, is passionate of the underground culture. His mother influenced him with hippie music and his father was a big fan of punk and heavy metal, this will quickly get him into the artistic sphere.


    Everything starts with a passion for drawing. Meanwhile, Lunatik Rezo plays in different Punk, Death and Black Metal-bands.


    In 1998 he returned to Brittany and that's where he discovered the techno scene through rave parties. At that time, he also discovers, with one of his friends, the famous Korg machines. He quickly found through drum & bass the, what he's calling, extension of punk electronic.


    Now he continues his art through his mixes that refer to his main influences namely death, black metal and hardcore punk.