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Pap - Oldskool Speed Garage Mix by o0-PAP-0o

Oldskool Speed Garage... Grumbling Basslines Aplenty .... !!!

2012-01-30 18:49:48Z

Track #Track Details
1Ripped In 2 Minutes
A 'vs' B
187 Lockdown
342 Gun Bad Boy
Sound Boy
4Club Lonely (Serious Danger Remix)
Groove Connektion 2
5Love Is Forever (ISB Re-Edit)
Serious Danger
6Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Remix)
Sneaker Pimps
7Extreme Pressure (Deep Down Dub)
8Jump (Speed Garage Scritch Remix)
Buzzy Bus
9Raise Your Hands
Klubbheads 'vs' DJ Mark van Dale
187 Lockdown
11Rip Groove
Double 99
12Deeper (Wildcat Remix)
Serious Danger
13Bitter Sweet Symphony
Mazza & Go
14Windows (Tulio De Vito Remix)
15Mob Hunter
Les Indiscretes
16Battle Plate
Serious Danger

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Awesome mix - reminds me of the good old days when I didn't care about nuffin!!!
1st download din't work properly, chopped it down to 48mins for some reason.
I loved speed garage! I wish I collected those records but I was still under the spell of ****** happy hardcore. It is very rare to find good speed garage mixes online. Even more rare to see someone with Spin Spin Sugar, one of the best speed garage tunes ever in my opinion. That creepy string section sounds like the audio equivalent of a Clay Paky Astrodisco 3 (or Meteor UFO) centerpiece disco light spinning around while the rest of the rhythm is portrayed by High End Systems "Cyberlights" in their circle gobo. I think of songs in terms of club lighting..... Anyway thanks for this mix. I will enjoy it at some point on my ipod.
Pap - Oldskool Speed Garage Mix

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