Pap - Oldskool Speed Garage Mix by o0-PAP-0o

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Oldskool Speed Garage... Grumbling Basslines Aplenty .... !!!

2012-01-30 18:49:48Z
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Track # Track Details
1 Ripped In 2 Minutes
A 'vs' B
2 Kung-Fu
187 Lockdown
3 42 Gun Bad Boy
Sound Boy
4 Club Lonely (Serious Danger Remix)
Groove Connektion 2
5 Love Is Forever (ISB Re-Edit)
Serious Danger
6 Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Remix)
Sneaker Pimps
7 Extreme Pressure (Deep Down Dub)
8 Jump (Speed Garage Scritch Remix)
Buzzy Bus
9 Raise Your Hands
Klubbheads 'vs' DJ Mark van Dale
10 Gunman
187 Lockdown
11 Rip Groove
Double 99
12 Deeper (Wildcat Remix)
Serious Danger
13 Bitter Sweet Symphony
Mazza & Go
14 Windows (Tulio De Vito Remix)
15 Mob Hunter
Les Indiscretes
16 Battle Plate
Serious Danger

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Awesome mix - reminds me of the good old days when I didn't care about nuffin!!!
1st download din't work properly, chopped it down to 48mins for some reason.
Pap - Oldskool Speed Garage Mix

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