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    Username: Warpedweirdo
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Location: gillingham, United Kingdom
    Date Joined: 10/2/2010 12:22:00 PM +01:00
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    Hercules Air + DJ console, Technics 1210s decks mk2, vestax mixer pcv-275, KRK rokit5 G3 monitors, KRK 10sub, Scarlett 2i4 usb interface, PC and laptop for gigs.

    sofetware -

     Cubase5, Reason, Ableton live 8.2.1, Virual dj, Trakor2 and Djuced.


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    Aphex Twin, Chemical Brothers, Warp Records, Venetian Snares, The Prodigy, Orbital, Noisia, Mr. Oizo, Boards Of Canada and lot's more

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    12/8/2014 7:54:55 PM +00:00
    10/26/2014 7:14:51 PM +00:00
    Hi Mat Thanks For the Follow!
    10/11/2014 4:11:07 PM +01:00
    on Air NOW !!!!!!!!!!!
    8/31/2014 8:48:05 AM +01:00
    nice one valarie :)
    Unknown Artist
    8/15/2014 4:13:56 PM +01:00
    Matt. Hola!!! lol :D I look forward to tomorrow. I missed your last show. Will be there for this one. Always something different, unique and special from you. Depending on how your week and Friday pans out. I've got your latest mix now. Make me smile :D See u tomorrow
    7/19/2014 4:43:26 PM +01:00
    where gone valarie you was in the chat
    Unknown Artist
    7/19/2014 2:29:39 PM +01:00
    I went on to your radio site and it is extremely nice, clean layout and a lot of dj's to listen to and easy access to forums etc. User friendly and professional staffing Easy sign in and no hassles and no hidden check -ins and no false advertisement. Meaning all are welcomed to tune in and sign up with out limitations. The layout was amazing. your on tonight is says I will tune in. Nice site, Thanks!
    4/28/2014 4:24:56 AM +01:00
    Thanks for the like dude... Glad you enjoyed the listen :)
    6/19/2013 9:44:08 PM +01:00
    hay dj's I looking for guests to dj on my show so if you want to do it please contact me
    2/12/2013 5:54:35 PM +00:00
    my first show tonight so check it
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