Best of House Music 2012 DJ Competition

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 12/21/2012 12:34:23 AM +00:00
Bassline House / Speed Garage / 4x4

Best of House Music 2012 DJ Competition

CLOSED: This competition has ended

The year is nearly out and it's been a great year for house music in 2012, we want you to put together your best mix of the year with house tunes produced in 2012.

You can use any sub-genre of house music to create your best of 2012 mix, please no cheesy Christmas songs though, we want true house music!

Mixes must be tagged with our designated competition tag: 'Best of 2012 Competition' and submitted by the 31st December 2012 (GMT).

The top 3 mixes with the most downloads by the 5th January will be judged for the overall winner.

We will be giving away a 4 week promotion to the winner.

Please read all the rules before submitting your mix.

Important Information

  • Tag your mix with: best of 2012 competition
  • Artwork: Click Here

Competition Rules

  • Mixes must be 30-45 mins long (doesn't have to be exact)
  • Any number of tracks, house music only (or any sub genre)
  • All submitted mixes must have been uploaded on or after the 19th December 2012
  • No promotions on mixes are allowed until the 5th January 2013, mixes with promotions will be disqualified
  • Strictly one entry per person

Competition Entries

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