Tech / Minimal / Dark Competition April 2016

Tech / Minimal / Dark Competition April 2016

CLOSED: This competition has ended

For this month's competition we are looking for tech house / minimal / techno related genres for a 30 minute mix. We are looking for creativity, well executed blends, excellent track flow as well as other things that will make your mix stand out from the fierce competition.

Our competitions are all for a bit of fun, but we also offer up some prizes on the house too, the winner will get a fully loaded mix promotion package worth £50, this will include a mix of your choice for 4 weeks in our featured sections, 4 weeks in the sponsored genre location as well as inclusion at the top of our monthly e-mail newsletter…giving your mix HUGE exposure and an influx of listeners.

We will also provide a 1 week sponsored genre promotion for 2nd and 3rd place runners up.

Any entries which do not fully comply to the rules will be disqualified.

All entries with over 50 unique plays will be independently judged by the team, our decision will be final.

This competition will be limited to the first 50 entries only, any new entries after we reach 50 will not be judged.

So let's have some fun and submit your entry before the closing date on the 15th April 2016 (GMT).

Important Information

  • Tag your mix with: Tech Competition Apr 2016
  • Artwork: Click Here

Rules / Guidelines

  • Max 30 minutes long
  • Mix entry must be unique for this competition only and have been uploaded after the competition starting date and before the closing date.
  • You must include a short description for your mix.
  • Add the full track listing
  • To be considered for judging mixes must gain at least 50 plays.
  • Any attempt to falsify play counts will result in disqualification, just don't do it.
  • Max 50 entries, first come first serve.
  • We are looking for creativity, seamless mixing skills, good track flow, good sound quality and anything else which makes your mix jump out at us.

Competition Entries

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