Tech House Competition 2015

Tech House Competition 2015

CLOSED: This competition has ended

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Here are the TOP 3 winners in the Tech House Competition 2015:

1st place - DJMCMELLO
Mark Archer's motivation: "Flowed really well and had a lot more peaks and troughs making it less one dimensional, Very high on the tune count and could have done with letting the tunes breath a bit more but musically the best by far."

2nd place - MinistryofiPete
Mark Archer's motivation: "Really nice flowing mix, not as many tunes as the previous mixes but allowed them to breath and get into something giving the mix its much needed ups and downs."

3rd place - Disco-Frisco
Mark Archer's motivation: "Nice flowing mix, kept the vibe well throughout the mix but could have done with more peaks and troughs."


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All mixes will be judged individually on creativity, quality transitions and tune selections.
5 entrants will be shortlisted to become finalists – these 5 will then go into a 2nd stage where special guest judge, Mark Archer, listen to the finalist’s mixes and the Top 3 winners will be chosen.

As far as rave legends go, you won’t find many higher up the list than Mark Archer. Founding member of Bizarre Inc, one half of Nexus 21 and Altern8, and also recorded solo under a plethora of monikers such as DJ Nex, Trackman, and Slo Moshun. Mark is quite simply one of the most important and influential dance music producers of the last two decades.
Still writing and DJing out across the globe, everything from jacking acid, classic techno, tech house, funk, hardcore, hip-hop, and of course his most notorious speciality genre: Old Skool Rave – Mark Archer is a resident at London’s I Love Acid, and also a regular guest at top music events such as Bangface, BLOC Weekend, Sonar Festival, Fantazia, and many more...

Mark Archer's links

Booking: djmabookings(at)gmail(dot)com

Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones Prize Donated by

1st prize
1 pair of Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones (FREE choice of color!) from Decks.
1 sample pack (FREE choice!) from LucidSamples.

2nd prize
1 EXCLUSIVE (Limited Edition) hoodie with your DJ name from HEAD SPACE.
1 sample pack (FREE choice!) from Producerloops.

3rd prize
1 voucher (worth £20) from LucidSamples to use on their site.
1 week FREE promotion of a mix of your choice.

The artwork is custom made by Alex Rossi and only for the competition. Therefore you're not allowed to use the artwork elsewhere.
Free delivery of the Pioneer HDJ-500 headphones and the hoodie is only applicable in the UK. The winner must pay the shipping costs if he/she lives outside the UK.
The Top 3 winners will be contacted by Alex Rossi as soon as the competition has ended. They will be announced here and also on our Facebook page.
We reserve the right to remove mixes from this page that don't comply with the rules.

Important Information

  • Tag your mix with: Tech House Competition 2015
  • Artwork: Click Here

The Top 3 winners are:

  • 2. MinistryofiPete
  • 3. Disco-Frisco

Competition Entries

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