93 4 months ago
I dont believe it. I found them buried in another hard drive. mixed over 50 in 2019. Some awesome tracks. i had a bout of Liquids. i had to re do it though, to much of that cheezy stuff. Had to go. Ruins the flow. Jon B track not really my style, but sounds ok.
Very enjoyable mix.
Pic. Raindance festival. With Lee. One of my Best Bro's. I remember Nicky Blackmarket playing after me. With the crates. I thought I was small lol. Big up Nicky. Joking m8.


1 No Worries (Hybrid Minds Remix) by Pogo
2 One Way Home by Edlan
3 Oblique (Feat Frank Carter III) by Sabre, Stray & Halogenix (Ivy Lab)
4 On Earth by Seismix
5 One Day by Etherwood
6 One More Time by HumaNature
7 One Way Home by Edlan
8 Only A Thought Away by Sundancer
9 Oslo by Logistics
10 Out Of Touch by Nelver
11 Over You by ALB
12 Parallel (ft. Zara Kershaw) by Technimatic
13 Peace & Love by Satl
14 Polaroids Of You by Boxplot & Ownglow
15 Polski Jazz by Radicall
16 Progression by Flite
17 Promiseland by Sequent Industry
18 Questions (ft. Julia Marks) by Modest Intentions
19 Raise Your Head (ft. Sydney) by Melinki & Low:r
20 Red Sky (Subsonik Opener Remix) by John B
21 Retrospective by Lavance
22 Reunion (100 Days) by Tali ft. Degs & Paramount
23 Reverie by Nu:Tone


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