115 4 months ago
Another original Hardcore breakbeat mixtape session. From 1990, 91 a TRACK! from George Kelly White label. Thanks George. He was always dropping off a tune to me here and there.
These are strictly UK., except energy flash. This is how the Hardcore really started. None of that CHEEZY Shite. Proper mix though. Just wait until i drop the 1992 mixes. they are absolutley banging. Good memories.
I will stop uploading after my 1992 mixes. I'll do 1 final mix before i say goodbye. It will be awesome. Because i always put my heart and soul into them. And i dont belong to the dark ones.
Flyer Incubas. You can see why i didnt want in! Anyone who follows the right path dont belong to that shite.
Thanx to all the followers. I'll check them out later.
I noticed my compressor is playing up. Watchout for those basslines they are heavy!
Some of these were my favorite tracks at the time. Especially Kicksquad.


1 Depth Of Sound Overload EP: Network (NWKT10) by Altern 8
2 'Moonstompin' [Freestyle Mix] B.side by Undercover Movement
3 'Moonstompin' [Dead Skinhead Mix] A.side by Undercover Movement
4 No Idea Psychotronic EP by Earth Leakage Trip
5 Real Time Status Overload EP: Network (NWKT10) by Altern 8
6 Report To The Dancefloor [HiTech Mix) by Energize
7 Nightmare [Euro Screamer] Sonic Experience 2 EP by Sonic Experience
8 Energy Flash Energy Flash EP by Beltram
9 Report To The Dancefloor [LoTeck Dub] by Energize
10 M.T.S [Murder Those Speakers Mix] by Sonic Experience
11 Wait For Me by Tigers In Space
12 Oh So Nice by Cosmo & Dibs
13 Lets Go [Pirate Radio Mix] by The Noise Engineer
14 The Phuture Is Now [Fantasy Ufo Mix] Sonic Experience EP by Sonic Experience
15 5 6 7 8 by Shut Up & Dance
16 The Bee by The Scientist
17 Make Yah See Spiders On The Wall by 4 Hero
18 Soundclash (Champion Sound) (Hypermix) by Kicksquad
19 Soundclash (Champion Sound) (Scientific Mix) by Kicksquad
20 Soundclash (Champion Sound ) (DJ Mix) by Kicksquad
21 Is This All (White DWR 105 by One Tribe feat Gem


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