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Canarsie, Brooklyn, United States
Boston - United States

In the mood to hear some good music? Go here: to download some of my mixes (yes, for free).

I add new mixes from time to time and they include everything from Dance music to Freestyle to Disco to House to Electronica to Funk to Hip Hop to R&B to Reggae and to Reggaeton.

Ok, now that that's out of the way...

I'm Steve Spinelli, a mobile, nightclub & mix show DJ from Boston, Massachusetts. Being the multi-faceted DJ I am, this has allowed me to enjoy the best of these three worlds throughout the years.

In the 80s, I started out performing at house parties and school dances as well as small nightclubs. Over the next few years, I formed DJ Spinelli & Assoc. - my mobile disc jockey service. I've performed at just about every type of event and venue in the Greater Boston/New England area, most of which include: Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Birthdays, School Dances, Proms, Graduations, Retirements, Reunions, Christenings, Showers, Outings, Holiday Parties, Pool Parties & Boat Cruises.

Although the majority of these events are in the Greater Boston area, it's not uncommon for me to perform elsewhere (i.e., anywhere inside/outside New England, nationally or even abroad).

Aside from being a successful mobile DJ, my passion as a nightclub DJ has continued as well (working in the bigger and more popular nightclubs in Boston and the surrounding suburbs which I still continue to do these days). The following is a bunch of nightclubs/venues I've worked at over the years...

• 3rd Floor At The Gas Light Co. (Portsmouth, NH)
• Amber Room (Nashua, NH)
• Anacaona Nightclub (Providence, RI)
• Ascari At F1 Boston (Braintree)
• Barney Fanning's (Boston)
• Black Raspberry Pub (Plymouth)
• Brahmin (Boston)
• Brahmins/Night Games (Somerville)
• Brothers 4 (Nashua, NH)
• Cafe Portofino (Lynn)
• Capone's (Peabody)
• Caravan (Revere)
• Cask'n Flagon/Olivers Nightclub (Boston)
• Charlie Horse/Shenanigan's (Lynn)
• Cheeks (Waltham)
• City Lights (Providence, RI)
• Club Oddyssy (Lowell)
• Club Q (Boston)
• Deco's (Somerville)
• Desmond O'Malley's (Framingham)
• Diamonds (Lynn)
• Dino's (Revere)
• Emerald Rose Pub (Lynn)
• Fibber McGee's (Beverly)
• Finn McCool's (Boston)
• Focaccia (Wilmington)
• Golden Temple (Brookline)
• Guido's Cafe (Cambridge)
• Heritage (Lowell)
• Jukebox/Matrix (Boston/Taunton)
• Juliet's (Woburn)
• Jurys (Lynn)
• Kenmore Club (Narcissus/Celebration/Lipstick) (Boston)
• L&M Grand (GRAND Nightclub & Lounge) (Manchester, NH)
• Lakay Island Restaurant (Salem)
• Lavo/ZaZa (Saugus)
• Maxwell Jumps (Boston)
• Michael's Seaside Beach Club (Revere)
• Milly's Tavern/Bo's Riverside (Manchester, NH)
• Mill Hill Club (West Yarmouth)
• Misty's/Apogee (Revere)
• New World/Club Kahlua/Club International (Lynn)
• Niteshoes (Saugus)
• O'Brien's (Lynn/Saugus)
• O'Neill's (Salem)
• Packing House (Lyndonville, VT)
• Palace (Rascals/Uptown/China Club) (Saugus)
• Pazzaluna (XLR8)/Vision/Tabu (Saugus)
• Players Bar & Grille (Seabrook, NH)
• Rain (Malden)
• Roadhouse (Peabody)
• Sahara (Methuen)
• Shakers (Salem)
• Shamrock (Malden)
• Shenanigans (White River Junction, VT)
• Skybox Dance Club (Marlborough)
• Snifter's (Boston)
• Something Irresistible (Lynn)
• Splash Liquid Lounge (Salisbury)
• Sports Connection (Lynn)
• Stephanie's (Somerville)
• Stocks & Bonds II/Destinations (Boston)
• Strega (Salem)
• Sylvan Street Grille (Peabody)
• Tap (Boston)
• Timothy's (Danvers)
• Wally & Bernies (WB's) (Manchester, NH)
• Waterclub (Quincy)
• Zeke's (Everett)

Along with being a DJ, I'm also a music lover. I take pride in the way I present music to people, whether it's at a party, a nightclub or a mix show on the radio.

Speaking of "mix shows", I've been doing these since 1987. In Boston alone, my mixes have been featured on radio stations such as 94.5 WZOU, Kiss 108 (The 8:56/9:56 Hot Mix), 91.5 WMFO and Star 93.7 (which aired Friday nights in 2000 as the "Star Sound Factory").

Elsewhere in the USA (and around the world), my mixes have been heard on college to commercial radio stations as well as countless Internet radio shows.
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Want To Get Rid Of Your Vinyl/Record Collection? I'll transfer your vinyl to CDs and/or mp3s for you.

That's right! If you want all those records of yours on CD (or plan on throwing them away), let me know. I'll take all your vinyl (albums, 12"s, 45s) you want to get rid of and transfer them over to audio CDs or an mp3 data disc which I'll send to you for free. In exchange for this, let me keep the vinyl.

If you live anywhere in New England and want to meet up to get your records to me, that's great! If not, just package them and send them to: P.O. Box 234, Revere MA 02151
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(The following information was compiled by Steve Spinelli)

Disc Jockeys/Associates

• Al Colosi (DJ/Remixer - Kiss 108)
Al remixed many songs from the mid 80s into the 90s while working at Kiss, some of which included: Alisha - Too Turned On, Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round and Duran Duran - Notorious. His style was somewhat comparable to the Latin Rascals (as he used a reel to reel to make them).

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet Al while working at Kiss as an intern around 87/88. It was fun to watch and learn first handedly from one of the best remixers in the Boston area around that time.

Sad to say, his studio quality, incredibly professional remixes never made it to a compilation/major label. However, I was lucky enough to grab about 15 of his remixes right from the masters.
• Armando Rivera (102.7 WBMX/107.5 WGCI/102.7 WVAZ)
• Bad Boy Bill (102.7 WBMX)
• Benson Wayne (102.7 WBMX)
• Carlos Valderrama (107.5 WGCI)
•Cosmo Wyatt
• Darren T/Hi-Fi Rick/Wayne C (95.3 WHRB - Liquid Sounds Productions)
All the great dance music that never made it to the commercial radio stations in Boston in the mid to late 80s could be found here. On the weekends, Harvard University's radio station was the one to listen to. Not only did Darren T, Hi-Fi Rick & Wayne C play the underground dance music that you could only hear at the clubs, but they mixed it incredibly as well. One of the best dance music mix shows at the time.
• Dave Iseman (Kiss 108)
• Dennis Scott (102.7 WBMX)
• Disco Mike Brooks (Power 99)
• DJ Adilson (Progressive/Vocal House DJ)
-Roxy (Boston)
-Tantra (Saugus)
-Matrix (Boston)
-Tabu (Saugus)
-Avalon (Boston)
• DJ Aris Antoniou
"Arty" as we called him. He could mix as good as anyone else around. He eventually became an airline pilot.
• DJ Big Easy
• DJ Biggie (Mike Cayer) (House/Hip Hop DJ)
-3rd Floor At The Gas Light Co. (Portsmouth, NH)
-Club 313 (Manchester, NH)
-Plum Crazy (Rochester, NH)
• DJ Bob - Bangin' Out Beats (Bob Caccamesi) (House/Hip Hop DJ)
-Club 313 (Manchester, NH)
-Amber Room (Nashua, NH)
-Hong Kong (Cambridge)
-Wally & Bernies (WB's) (Manchester, NH)
• DJ Bobby Gallagher (House/Hip Hop DJ)
-Vetro/SkyBar (Manchester, NH)
-Wally & Bernies (WB's) (Manchester, NH)
• DJ Bruno (Biscuithead Records)
• DJ Captain Wendell (Wendell Edmonds) (Disco/Funk/R&B/Hip Hop DJ)
-Palace (Saugus)
• DJ Charles Mercer
• DJ Chris Paul (Progressive/Vocal House DJ)
-Element Lounge (Manchester, NH)
-Dover Soul (Dover, NH)
-The Red Door (Portsmouth, NH)
• DJ Chris Profenna (Mobile/Club DJ)
-Vertigo (Boston)
-Vision (Saugus)
-Europa (Boston)
-Metropolis (Providence, RI)
-Club Q (Boston)
-Hurricane O'Reilly's (Boston)
-Rain (Malden)
-Gypsy Bar (Boston)
-Guilt (Boston)
-Umbria (Boston)
-West End Johnnies (Boston)
• DJ Chris Willis (Mobile/Club DJ)
-Radio Disney
-Town Line (Malden)
-Desmond O'Malley's (Framingham)
-Sammy's Patio (Revere)
-Golden Banana (Peabody)
• DJ Chuck Chillout (98.7 Kiss FM)
• DJ Cliff West
• DJ Damian Paul
• DJ Danae Jacovidis
• DJ Danny D (Dan Dellatto)
• DJ Dave Connelly (Mobile/Club DJ)
-Roadhouse (Peabody)
• DJ Dave Natola (Mobile/Club DJ)
• DJ David Guetta
• DJ Deja (Denise LaCarubba)
• DJ Dez (Freestyle DJ)
• DJ Eddy K (Edward Kasarjian)
• DJ Eddie Reevz
• DJ Felix Cutillo
Started Boston Beat record store in East Boston in the early 90s. Spun at Rachel's at the Marriott in Boston.
• DJ Gary Cannavo
Working at Narcissus in the Kenmore Club during the 80s, Gary was considered by many as the "Freestyle DJ" in the Boston area. If you went to Narcissus at the time, you probably remember the DJ booth high up above the dancefloor with its little ladder and "on the air" sign. At the time, this was the most popular nightclub in the city.

In 1989, He (along with Neil Petricone) started Masspool DJ Association (record pool). It was located downstairs from Dance Music Plus (record store) on Meridian Street in East Boston before moving upstairs to the second floor. Years later, Gary moved it to Revere Beach Parkway in Revere. Today, it finds its home in Saugus.

Gary has also done numerous mix shows over the years for such stations as Kix 106 (Woonsocket/Providence RI), 94.5 WZOU & Kiss 108.
• DJ Graeme Ritchie
• DJ Gregg Beckett
• DJ Jason Tivey (House/Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae DJ)
-Vision (Saugus)
• DJ Jeremy Rossi (Mobile/Club DJ)
• DJ Jim Thomas
Jim came to Boston from Chicago and spun at Shakers in Salem and Stars on Rt. 1 in Peabody while living here. He started his own Mobile DJ business and moved back to Chicago.
• DJ Joe Toto
Considered by many as one of the "best in the business", Joe is a pioneer of the Mobile DJ circuit.
• DJ Joey Testa
• DJ John Lopriore
• DJ Johnny C
• DJ Jojo Cookin' Kincaid (Kiss 108 DJ in the 80s)
• DJ Josh Spitaleri
• DJ Julio C Sanabia
• DJ Justin Testa
• DJ Kevin Jones (88.1 WMBR)
• DJ Kevin Quinn
• DJ KGB (Jive 106/Diamond 2 Crew)
• DJ Lenny C (Lenny Cordisco)
• DJ Lou Pereira
• DJ Luigi DeMarco
• DJ Macguyver
• DJ Math (Hip Hop/R&B DJ)
• DJ Matty O (Matty Olsen) (Freestyle DJ at Narcissus in the late 80s/early 90s)
• DJ Mike D'Amico (Top 40/Disco/Dance DJ)
-Polly Esta's (South Boston)
• DJ Mike Janedy (Top 40/Disco/Dance DJ)
-Charlie Horse/Shenanigans
• DJ Ninja B (Mix show DJ/95.3 WHRB)
• DJ Obsession
• DJ Paul Dailey
• DJ Peter Accolla (Mobile/Club DJ)
-Deco's (Somerville)
• DJ Peter Chille D (Peter DiPaolo) (Top 40/Disco/Dance DJ)
-The Club (Boston)
-Tabu (Saugus)
• DJ Peter Diozzi (Mobile DJ)
• DJ Peter Schaeublin
• DJ Peter Souhleris (Mobile/Club DJ)
-Avalon (Boston)
-Vertigo (Boston)
-Vision/XLR8 (Saugus)
• DJ Phatty Shadow
• DJ Phil Cohen
• DJ Rich Montgomery
• DJ Rick Naples (Progressive/Vocal House DJ)
• DJ Rip Hernandez
• DJ Roberto
• DJ Ronnie DeAlmeida
• DJ Rosco (Ross Cigna)
• DJ Smitty (Jon Smith) (Mobile/Club DJ)
-Brothers 4 (Nashua, NH)
-Fasads (Revere)
-Pazzaluna (Saugus)
-Jukebox/Matrix (Taunton)
-ZaZa (Saugus)
• DJ Steve Anderson (Top 40/Disco/Dance DJ)
-Tabu (Saugus)
-Vetro (Manchester, NH)
-Lavo (Saugus)
• DJ Steve Sossong
Director of Groove Promotions in Cambridge.
• DJ Steve Spinelli (Mobile/Club DJ)
-3rd Floor At The Gas Light Co. (Portsmouth, NH)
-Amber Room (Nashua, NH)
-Anacaona Nightclub (Providence, RI)
-Ascari At F1 Boston (Braintree)
-Barney Fanning's (Boston)
-Black Raspberry Pub (Plymouth)
-Brahmin (Boston)
-Brahmins/Night Games (Somerville)
-Brothers 4 (Nashua, NH)
-Cafe Portofino (Lynn)
-Capone's (Peabody)
-Caravan (Revere)
-Cask'n Flagon/Olivers Nightclub (Boston)
-Charlie Horse/Shenanigan's (Lynn)
-Cheeks (Waltham)
-City Lights (Providence, RI)
-Club Oddyssy (Lowell)
-Club Q (Boston)
-Deco's (Somerville)
-Desmond O'Malley's (Framingham)
-Diamonds (Lynn)
-Dino's (Revere)
-Emerald Rose Pub (Lynn)
-Fibber McGee's (Beverly)
-Finn McCool's (Boston)
-Focaccia (Wilmington)
-Golden Temple (Brookline)
-Guido's Cafe (Cambridge)
-Heritage (Lowell)
-Jukebox/Matrix (Boston/Taunton)
-Juliet's (Woburn)
-Jurys (Lynn)
-Kenmore Club (Narcissus/Celebration/Lipstick) (Boston)
-L&M Grand (GRAND Nightclub & Lounge) (Manchester, NH)
-Lakay Island Restaurant (Salem)
-Lavo/ZaZa (Saugus)
-Maxwell Jumps (Boston)
-Michael's Seaside Beach Club (Revere)
-Milly's Tavern/Bo's Riverside (Manchester, NH)
-Mill Hill Club (West Yarmouth)
-Misty's/Apogee (Revere)
-New World/Club Kahlua/Club International (Lynn)
-NiteShoes (Saugus)
-O'Brien's (Saugus)
-Odyssey (Lowell)
-O'Neill's (Salem)
-Packing House (Lyndonville, VT)
-Palace (Rascals/Uptown/China Club) (Saugus)
-Pazzaluna (XLR8)/Vision/Tabu (Saugus)
-Players Bar & Grille (Seabrook, NH)
-Rain (Malden)
-Roadhouse (Peabody)
-Sahara (Methuen)
-Shakers (Salem)
-Shamrock (Malden)
-Shenanigans (White River Junction, VT)
-Skybox Dance Club (Marlborough)
-Something Irresistible (Lynn)
-Splash Liquid Lounge (Salisbury)
-Sports Connection (Lynn)
-Stephanie's (Somerville)
-Stocks & Bonds II/Destinations (Boston)
-Strega (Salem)
-Sylvan Street Grille (Peabody)
-Tap (Boston)
-Timothy's (Danvers)
-Wally & Bernies (WB's) (Manchester, NH)
-Waterclub (Quincy)
-Zeke's (Everett)
• DJ Timmy D (House/Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae DJ)
-Palace (Saugus)
-Sugar Shack (Boston)
• DJ Todd Griffin (Pharoah)
Todd has been a professional DJ for over 20 years. He started spinning hip hop in 1983 at the now defunct Bermuda Triangle in Boston at the age of 13 (the youngest resident DJ in Boston at that time).

In 1991, he experienced his first rave party in Montreal and decided to add techno to his repertoire. Within 2 years his name was synonymous with New England's rave scene. He toured with Juneau Reactor and Moby and played with everyone from Sasha to Deep Dish.

Never giving up his hip hop roots, Todd became the #1 battle DJ in New Hampshire through a series of competitions sponsored by Gemini and Daddy's Junky Music. He has also been responsible for opening more than 10 highly successful clubs in the Boston area - Zoom, Flow, Tantra, Rezoom & Sphere - to name a few. Todd also was the resident DJ for such clubs as Axis and Boom (the longest running all night venue in New England history).

After the rave scene died out, he was looking for something new when he received a call from one of the members of This Side Up in the summer of 2003. Through the collective imagination of everyone in the band, Todd has become (and still is) an integral part of This Side Up's sound and style.
• DJ Tony D (Tony Davis) (Mobile/Club DJ)
-Bleachers (Salem)
-Old Timers Tavern (Gloucester)
• DJ Tony Signorino
• DJ Vinnie Brand (Disco/Dance/Freestyle DJ)
-Street Lights (South Boston)
-Triple O's Lounge (South Boston)
-The Edge (inside The Channel nightclub) (South Boston)
-Harbour Club (South Boston)
-Nicely Nicely's (Faneuil Hall - Boston)
-Rachel's (Marriott - Boston)
-Kenmore Club (Narcissus/Celebration) (Boston)
-Pat Flanagan's (Quincy)
• Evan Luck (107.5 WGCI)
• Farley "Jackmaster" Funk
• Frankie "Hollywood" Rodriguez
• Hosh Gureli (88.9 WERS)
One of the best DJs in the early 80s here in Boston. Known as the "Mastermix" on 88.9 WERS, he was far ahead of his time with mixing/remixing/editing and everything else in between.

His style of mixing wasn't just "mixing one song into another" like most would do. Instead, he would have 3 or 4 songs going at once, throw some edits in and then go into another 3 or 4 songs (keep in mind, this is back in 82/83). Fortunately, I have many tapes of his mix shows that I recorded back then.

Interestingly enough (during the late 80s), I was in a "Battle Of The DJs" contest with Hosh at Faces nightclub in Cambridge and couldn't believe I was going up against him (which he won, of course).

There are countless people in the Boston area that can thank Hosh for being an such an inspiration to them - myself included!
• Jerry Warren (Sound Factory/Dance Music Plus - East Boston)
Not a DJ, but worth mentioning here. Jerry was probably known to every DJ within a 100 mile radius of Boston. Not that Everett Music in Everett or Ted Cole's in Salem weren't popular, but Dance Music Plus catered to mostly club DJs and music lovers alike.

From the early 80s until around 1993, this was the place to go for Imports, Remixes, Bootlegs, White labels and Dance/House/Freestyle Music. When the store closed its doors, other Boston area records stores such as Boston Beat in East Boston and Vinyl Connection in Boston became much more popular.

Jerry did re-open Dance Music Plus once again in the mid 90s in two different locations in Revere (Broadway & Shirley Ave), but a short time later closed it down for good.
• Jerry Young (98.7 Kiss FM)
• Jide Max (104.9 WRBB - Mix show DJ/Remixer)
• Troy Anthony (104.9 WRBB - Mix show DJ/Remixer)
• Wallace T (Wallace Terry) (104.9 WRBB - Mobile DJ/Mix show DJ/Remixer)
Worked at Looney Tunes in Boston.
• Julian "Jumpin" Perez
• Kenny "Jammin" Jason
• Lady B (Power 99)
• Lawrence Levan (Larry Levan)
• Maurice Brown (105.3 WDAS)
• Mickey "Mixin" Oliver
• Mike "Hitman" Wilson
• Mixin' Marc (B96)
• Neil Petricone (Mix show DJ)
Started up X-Mix (remix service) in the early 90s.
• Philip David March (88.9 WERS)
• Ralphi "The Razz" Rosario
• Raul Rocdahouse
• Scott "Smokin" Silz
• Steve "Silk" Hurley
• Steve Gousby (88.9 WERS)
• Steve Picardi (DJ/Remixer - Razormix)
Specializes in remixing, editing & scratching.
• DJ Littles (Eric Palmariello)
• DJ Patch
• DJ TimDawg
• DJ Ken Dionne
• DJ Erik Gordon
• DJ Bobby Dutton
• DJ Chuck Uglietta
• DJ Shawn Sanga (DJ Fury)
-Fibber McGee's (Beverly)
-Buskers Lounge (Boston)
• DJ Ryan Hitchings
• DJ Russ Havrylik
• DJ Joshua Field (J Boogz)
• DJ Greg Schneider
-Waterclub (Quincy)
• DJ Rafael (G-Rald) De Leon
• DJ Robinson (Polo) Avendano
• DJ Ron Ferrell
• DJ I.V. (Ernie Frongillo)
• DJ Ken Drew
• DJ Charlie K (Charlie Koehler)
-Amber Room (Nashua, NH)
-Bahama Beach Club (Nashua, NH)
• DJ K-Low
• DJ Mark Anthony
• DJ Scott Sica
• DJ Mark Venuti
• DJ Greg Gates Plowman
• DJ Dom Armano
• DJ Danny Kaye
• DJ Murph
• DJ Tony Puccio
• DJ Matty D
• DJ Luis G
• DJ Chubby Chub (Willie Sanchez) (Hot 97)
• DJ Moe D (Hot 97)
• DJ Brian Roche
-Waterclub (Quincy)
• DJ Kastaway (Kristen Hope)
• DJ John Sorabella
• DJ Dex Williams
• DJ Stephen Catallo
• DJ Tusi (Jimmy Certusi)
-Golden Banana (Peabody)
• DJ Richie Amico
• DJ Draztik (Anthony Damplo)
• DJ Ron Carpenito
• DJ Mike Navarro
• DJ Massi Coe
• DJ Jeff Schiffman
• DJ Rob Mammola (Top 40/Dance DJ)
-NiteShoes (Saugus)
• DJ John Debo
• DJ Chris Chappell
• DJ Eric G (Eric Gomez)
• DJ Stevie B (Steve Beliveau)
• DJ Jason Taft
• DJ Ricky Rolle
• DJ Carlos C
• DJ Chris Puopolo
• DJ Joe Bermudez
• Joe Jazz (Joe Angrisano)
-Vincent's Nightclub (Randolph)
-Golden Temple (Brookline)
-ZaZa (Saugus)
• DJ Mark Cappadona
• DJ Chris Roxx
• DJ Dave Furiga
• DJ Pat Tecce
• DJ Supreme One (Serge Gamesbourg)
• DJ Kon (Kon Fucious)
• DJ Shaun Anderson
• DJ Jonny P (Jon Poulin)
• DJ Hammy (Rob Hamilton)
• DJ Johnny K (John Kelly)
• DJ Reggie Beas (Reggie Beasley)
• DJ Joshua Carl
• DJ Ricky (Rick Poccio) (Star 93.7)
• DJ Danny Martignetti
• DJ Tim Orrell
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(The following information was compiled by Steve Spinelli)

Dance Clubs/Nightclubs/Bars/Lounges (Past & Present)

• 55 Canal Street - Boston (Canal Street)
• 8-Track - Boston
The few times I was here, I remember hearing the Bee Gees, Village People and Abba - all the played out stuff you've heard a thousand times. This nightclub didn't last long.
• 9 Lansdowne/Karma - Boston (Lansdowne Street)
• Alexanders - Lynn (Washington Street)
• Avenue C - Boston (Boylston Street)
• Bleachers - Salem
• Boston Boston/Metro/Citi/Avalon - Boston (Lansdowne Street)
• Boston Lighthouse - Revere (Lynnway)
• Bounty - Nashua, NH (Northeastern Blvd)
• Brahmins/Night Games - Somerville (Holiday Inn)
Spun on & off at this club (under both names) for a few years. Mostly a Charlestown/Somerville/Cambridge crowd. Music format: Dance
• Brothers 4 - Nashua, NH
Spun here around 87/88. At the time it was an under 21 club which eventually became the Bahama Beach Club. Music format: Dance, Freestyle, Rap & R&B
• Cafe Portofino - Lynn (Lynnway)
• Cameo Lounge - Lynn
• Car Palace - Somerset
• Caravan - Revere
Spun here in the mid 90s. I played between the bands that performed live on stage. Fun crowd. Music format: Dance, Euro House & Disco
• Century Café - Dedham (Washington Street)
• Chameleon/Club Morgan - Lynn (Days Inn - Lynnway)
Anyone remember DJ Eddie K imitating George Michael on stage or the tear gas grenade that someone dropped on the dancefloor back in October of 1989? Probably not. But what you probably do remember is what a beautiful club it was inside and how cool the cook-outs and pool were outside. Music format: everything
• Channel - Boston
• Charlie Horse/Shenanigans - Lynn (Lynnway)
Spun at Shenanigans in the early 90s under Mike Janedy. Music format: everything
• Chateau Deville - Saugus
• Cheeks - Waltham (Westin)
Spun here around 1993 under Phil Cohen. Music format: Dance
• Chevy's - Lowell
• Choices - Somerville
• City Lights - Boston (Washington Street)
• City Lights - Providence, RI (Davol Square)
Spun at this nice little club around 1992. Music format: Dance & Freestyle
• City Limits - Lynn (Blossom Street Ext)
• Club 241 - Worcester (Bridge Street)
• Club 3 - Somerville
• Club 54 - Stoneham (Montvale Plaza)
Under 21 Club. Music format: Dance
• Club 777 - Manchester, NH
• Club Q - Boston (Howard Johnson - Commonwealth Ave)
Spun here in the late 90s under Joe Toto. Great views of the city from this club on top of the Howard Johnson Hotel in Kenmore Square. Music format: Disco
• Club Taurus - Boston (Tremont Street)
• Coconuts - Gloucester
• Confetti's - Methuen (Merrimack Street)
• Daffney's Disco - Revere
• Deco's - Somerville
Spun here with Peter Accolla in the late 80s. Music format: Dance & Disco
• Diamonds - Lynn (Market Street)
Spun here in the late 80s. Music format: Dance & Hip Hop
• Docs Place - Boston (Harrison Ave)
• Emerald Rose Pub - Lynn
Spun here around 1992. Music format: Dance & Hip Hop
• Escapades - Weymouth
• Faces - Cambridge (Rt. 2)
I can't remember how many times this place changed from an over 21 club to an under 21 club - you never knew which to expect when you went there.
• Fasads - Revere (Broadway)
Went here a few times back in the late 80s to see DJ Smitty spin. Music format: Dance & House
• Finn McCool's - Boston
Spun here in the 80s under Joe Toto. Music format: everything
• Gallery - Boston (Massachusetts Ave)
• Great Scott - Allston (Commonwealth Ave)
• Ground Zero - Cambridge (Massachusetts Ave)
• Guido's - Cambridge
Great little place located on the Cambridge/Watertown line. I've had the privilege of being the DJ for the Toys for Tots/Christmas Party since the 90s.
• Harbour Club/Polly Esta's - South Boston
• Harbour House - Lynn (Lynnway)
The only thing I remember about this place was seeing its sign - with its big, red letters - from the Drive-In Theatre on the Lynnway.
• Hemingway's - Quincy (Parkingway Street)
• Industry/Coliseum/Pyramid - Manchester, NH
• International Pub/Deano's - Revere (Squire Road)
• Jacob's Ladder - Revere
• John Martin's Manor - Saugus (Rt. 1)
• Jonathan's - Salem
• Joy - Boston
• Jukebox/Matrix - Boston (Tremont Street)
Started spinning here in early 2000 when it was called NYC Jukebox. At the time, I played mostly Dance, Freestyle & Disco. A few years later, the clubs name was changed to "Matrix". I spun mostly Rap/Hip Hop, R&B & Reggae every Friday night.
• Jukebox/Matrix - Taunton
• Juliet's - Woburn (Ramada Inn)
• Las Brisas - Boston (East India Road)
• Legends/Club 114 - Danvers/Peabody (Rt. 114)
• Lucifer's/Kenmore Club (Narcissus, Celebration, Lipstick) - Boston (Kenmore Square)
Undoubtedly the best nightclub in the city during the mid-80s to early 90s. Gary Cannavo, Vinnie Brand & Matty Olsen were the DJs working here at the time. I was a regular at the club and already knew Gary (from Dance Music Plus), but never really got a chance to meet the other DJs (except for exchanging nods here and there). I thought for years what it would be like to be a DJ at this club, but never pursued the idea until one day.

In 1990, on a packed night upstairs in the "Narcissus" room, I brought in a "mix tape" of some dance and freestyle music I had put together earlier that day. I walked up to Vinnie (who was spinning) and gave him the tape. I asked him to listen to it, and if he liked it and ever needed me to spin here, to let me know. About a week later, I get a phone call from him asking me if I want to start working there. Lo and behold, I am now part of this elite crew!

At first, I was given a Wednesday night to spin on. I was also sent down to the Mill Hill Club in West Yarmouth (same owners as the Kenmore Club) to do a few nights here and there. It wasn't quite what I expected at first, but I figured I was the "new guy" so I kept my mouth shut and did what I had to do.

It finally paid off. Working the off-nights and driving down to West Yarmouth finally came to end. I was now doing Friday and Saturday nights in the "Celebration" and/or "Lipstick" rooms. Eventually, I was working four nights a week (Thursday through Sunday) playing dance & freestyle music downstairs in "Celebration". The Sunday night I spun was "Asian night". Sometimes I would fill in upstairs in "Narcissus", but my happy home was in "Celebration".

The Kenmore Club also had a heavy metal and Latin night as well. In 1992, my run with this great club had come to an end. After it closed down sometime around 1994, it became a Gap clothing store and then a Bertucci's restaurant.
• Mallside - Chelsea (Mystic Mall - Everett Ave)
• Maxwell Jumps - Boston (Huntington Ave)
Spun here in the late 80s under Joe Toto. The club was located below ground and catered to mostly Northeastern University students. Music format: everything
• Mercury Bar - Boston (Boylston Place)
• Michael's Seaside Beach Club - Revere
Spun here in the early 90s. The club was located upstairs and overlooked the beach. Music format: Dance & Disco
• Mill Hill Club - West Yarmouth
Spun here a few times in 1991. Same owners as the Kenmore Club in Boston. Music format: everything
• Mister Macs - Lynn (Union Street)
• Misty's/Apogee - Revere (Howard Johnson - Squire Road)
Spun at Apogee in the early 90s under Joe Toto. Music format: Dance & Freestyle
• New World/Club Kahlua - Lynn
• New York New York - Peabody
• Niteshoes - Saugus (Rt. 1)
Popular nightclub in the late 80s. DJ Rob M. spun here. Music format: Dance, House & Freestyle
• Nostalgia - Quincy (Wollaston Beach Blvd)
• Odyssey - Lowell
Spun here around 1992. Music format: Dance, House & Freestyle
• Palladium - New York City, NY
• Paradise - Boston (Commonwealth Ave)
• Pazzaluna/Vision/Tabu - Saugus
Spun here from early 1998 to the middle of 2000. On Saturday nights, I played Dance & Disco. On Sunday nights, I played Progressive House & Trance with Peter Souhleris.
• Perry's Salon - Boston (State Street)
• Piccadilly Filly - Salem
• Pufferbellies - Hyannis
• Rachel's - Boston (Marriott)
• Rascals/Uptown/China Club - Saugus (Rt. 99)
Spun in Uptown from 1995 to 1997. Music format: Disco & 80s Dance
• Reflections - Boston (Blossom Street)
• Roadhouse - Peabody
Spun here on & off in the mid 90s under Dave Connelly. Music format: everything
• Rockafella's - Lynn (Lynnway)
• Sables - Peabody (Marriott)
Tuesday nights were the big night here in 88/89. Music format: Dance, House & Freestyle
• Scandals - East Boston
• Shabooms - Weymouth (Washington Street)
• Shakers - Salem (Bridge Street)
Spun here in 1987. Music format: Dance, House, Freestyle, Disco, Funk & R&B
• Skybox Dance Club - Marlborough
Spun here in 1993. Music format: Dance, House & Freestyle
• Snifter's - Boston
• Something Irresistible - Lynn
• Speakeasy - Portsmouth, NH
• Sports Connection - Lynn (Lynnway)
• Stephanie's - Somerville
• Stocks & Bonds - Boston (State Street)
• Stocks & Bonds II/Destinations - Boston (Haymarket)
• Studio 4 - Lynn (Lynnway)
Popular North Shore Discotheque in the late 70s. Originally located on the Lynnway in Lynn, this nightclub is remembered for its silvery dancefloors in each corner, mirror on the ceiling above the DJ booth, views of the Boston skyline, and of course, the fun times and music. In the early 80s, the nightclub moved from the Lynnway to the Boston Street area in Lynn. Music format: Disco & Funk
• Studley's - Somerville
• The Club - Worcester (Commercial Street)
• Top Hat Lounge/Stars - Peabody (Rt. 1)
• Trakside - Salem (Canal Street)
• Trax - Leominster (Main Street)
• Venus De Milo - Boston (Lansdowne Street)
• Vibrations - Lowell (Warren Street)
• Vogue - Hull
• Vogue - Saugus
• Who's On First - Boston (Yawkey Way)
• Zanzibar - Boston (Boylston Place)
• Zelda's - Boston
• Heritage - Lowell
• Desmond O'Malley's - Framingham
• Club 313 - Manchester, NH
• Town Line/Rain - Malden
• 3rd Floor At The Gas Light Co. - Portsmouth, NH
Spun here 2006/2007 on Thursday nights. Music format: Dance, House, Urban & Top 40
• Wally & Bernies (WB's) - Manchester, NH
• Golden Temple - Brookline
• Cask'n Flagon/Olivers Nightclub - Boston
• Cityside Bar & Grill - Malden
Spun here for a few months in 2008. Music format: Dance, House, Urban & Top 40
• ZaZa/Lavo - Saugus
Spun here from its opening in 2008 (ZaZa) to its closing in 2010 (Lavo). Music format: Disco, Funk, Dance, Freestyle & Top 40
• Milly's Tavern/Bo's Riverside - Manchester, NH
Spun here from 2004 to 2011 on Wednesday nights. Music format: Urban, Rap, Reggae, Reggaeton & Top 40
• Amber Room - Nashua, NH
Spun here off and on in 2010/2011. Music format: Dance/House
• Packing House - Lyndonville, VT
• O'Neill's - Salem
Spun here a few times in 2011 & 2012. Music format: Dance, House, Urban & Top 40
• L&M Grand (GRAND Nightclub & Lounge) - Manchester, NH
Spun here a few times in 2011. Music format: Dance/House
• Waterclub - Quincy
• Fibber McGee's - Beverly
Spun here from 2009 to 2013. Music format: Dance, House, Urban & Top 40
• O'Brien's - Lynn/Saugus
Spun here on Friday nights (2012). Music format: Funk & Old School Rap/R&B/Dance/House
• Shenanigans - White River Junction, VT
• Barney Fanning's - Boston
• Black Raspberry Pub - Plymouth
• Brahmin - Boston
• Tap - Boston
• Timothy's - Danvers

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