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Sarnia - Canada
Hey all. Not sure what to say been following dance music since about 94 since my buddy took me to a club one night. Fell in love with the sound of the club and been following it every since. These days I follow the house music scene pretty heavily. I create mixes usually once a month sometime twice. My sound I guess is mostly Deep House these days. Reminds alot of the early days, when I first fell in love with this music. I am enjoying where I am at these days with my mixes. Hope you have an hour to check out one of my mixes. I try to stay as current as possible. I'm like a sponge for new music.

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GMLAB Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thanks m8! It is always a challenge to this kind of music on dj sites to share. Fortunately there are plenty like you who can appreciate ;-)