42 3 months ago
A couple of months ago I went out on a limb and tried some A'I tools for my radio show

The results are somewhat surprising, I used Chatgpt, I asked the A.I to pick me an underground tech house set for a 2 hr radio show, and within a few seconds I was greeted with a list of tracks, some I knew some I didnt, I then asked the A.I to put them in order that would be best to mix.

The A.I proceeded and sorted them in an order, so far so good.

I then made a quick drop and went about my show mixing in the exact order i was presented with, firstly the tracks were mostly on point and harmonically it didnt sound too bad, I still had to mix these tracks and obviously pick the right in an out points to maintain the energy and flow, but on the whole I was quite impressed, the hardest part was finding some of the tracks

I hope you have the time to take a listen, it came up short by 1 track but I suppose it cant possibly determine where im going to mix in

On a footnote this stuff is scary



# Track Title BPM Artist
1 AI JINGLE FOR SHOW 141.05 dj pops
2 Mother F*ck (Original Mix) 127.00 Caique Carvalho, Nogue
3 Push Up (Tom Budin Remix) (Tom Budin Remix) 130.00 Creeds
4 I Believe (Extended Mix) 128.00 AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo
5 Kickback (Original Mix) 127.00 Dale Howard
6 Feel It (Original Mix) 126.00 FDF (Itly)
7 DJs Prayer (Extended Rolling Mix) 126.00 Roland Clark
8 My Name Is (Original Mix) 126.00 Nate Chapman (US), Jake Bleu
9 Tell Me (Nate Laurence Cause Im A Freak Mix) 127.00 Brrak, Dan Laino
10 Rock The Party (Extended Mix) 126.00 Dan Hayes, Phat Suppli
11 Time (Cody Chase Remix) 126.00 Benny Benassi
12 Gotta Keep Moving (Original Mix) 124.00 FDF (Italy)
13 Moneypenny (Extended Mix) 126.00 Fein Cerra
14 Boiling Point (Original Mix) 126.00 GAWP
15 Take Me (Extended Mix) 128.00 Hollaphonic, Sammy Porter
16 Alegria (Extended Mix) 128.00 Dave Winnel
17 Everybody Bounce (Original Mix) 127.00 Omar Labastida, Matt Shelder
18 Somebody (Danny Howard Terrace Remix Extended) 128.00 SOHMI
19 Mudafuka (Original Mix) 125.00 Panna (BR)
20 Maria Maria (Diplo Extended Remix) 128.00 TECH IT DEEP
21 Keep My Cool (Extended Mix) 127.00 Freak On
22 All The Girls (Extended Mix) 129.00 J. Worra, Shift K3Y
23 Love Me (Extended Mix) 126.00 NORII, YoungTears, Qwerty
24 In My Mind (Original Mix) 127.00 Bleu Clair
25 M6 (Original Mix) 126.00 Leandro Kolt
26 Groove (Extended Mix) 126.00 JAYEM'S
27 Closer (Extended Mix) 128.00 Juntaro
28 We Too Sexy (Extended Mix) 128.00 Jord, Y&M
29 Voicemail (Extended Mix) 128.00 Lee Rose
30 The Next Episode (Extended Mix) 127.80 The Shooters, Quinten Circle


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