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"Hopeful Skies" is a weekly series where I highlight some of the best recent tracks in the progressive house scene. Each mix includes several of the most recent tracks that I think will become classics in no time, though I'll definitely slip in some long-time classics here and there too. In addition to progressive house, I also show some love to deep house as well.

天 (てん, pronounced "ten" in Japanese) is a Chinese/Japanese kanji that means "heaven" or "sky". It's a simple concept, but it's association with sky and divinity/the heavenly capture the essence of what I want Hopeful Skies to be. I share tunes that I feel captures a very real divine beauty that's intrinsic to all creation, music included. The concept of 天 captures a small taste of that beauty.

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1 Slonokitopotam [Bandcamp]: 00:00 by Electrosignal
2 The Answer [Progressive Vibes Light]: 3:28 by Andrea Onorati
3 Siempre (K Loveski Remix) [3rd Avenue]: 8:16 by Seven Wells
4 Kotatsu [Summer Melody]: 15:09 by Zenaka
5 Where We Are [Sekora]: 19:52 by Koppo
6 Life Of Fire [Self Released]: 24:19 by Lateral Shift
7 Journeyman [Emergent Shores]: 31:08 by Tristan Armes
8 Lost In Love (Marcel Vautier Remix) [Summer Melody]: 36:17 by Nipika
9 Dreamscape [Summer Melody]: 40:52 by MaxLoop
10 Just A Nature [Summer Melody]: 46:42 by Xenioxe
11 Years From Now [Progressive House Worldwide]: 51:47 by Roald Velden
12 Wrapped In The Sun [Emergent Shores]: 57:53 by Skyline Project


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