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April 2nd 2016 D3ep with Damien Jay's undisputed grooves feat Alex H

Broadcasting live around the world weekly on at the following times:  

• Hawaii 2pm-4pm Saturdays

• Vegas/LA 5pm-7pm Saturdays 

• Chicago 7pm-9pm Saturday nights

• NYC 8pm-10pm Saturday night

• Brazil 8-10pm Saturday Nights

• London 1am-3am Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings 

• Italy 2am-4am Saturday nights/Sunday Mornings

• Sweden (Stockholm) 2am-4am Saturday nights

• Africa (east) 2am-4am Saturday nights

• Ibiza 2am-4am Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings

• Russia 4am-6am Sunday Mornings

• Dubai 4am-6am Sunday Mornings

• Sri Lanka 5:30am-7:30am Sunday Mornings

• Thailand 7am-9am Sunday Mornings 

• Philippines 8am-10am Sunday

• Indonesia 8am-10am Sunday Mornings

• Australia 10:30am-12:30 Sunday Mornings

• Korea 10am-12pm Sunday Mornings
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April 2nd 2016 D3ep with Damien Jay  feat Alex H on  undisputed grooves
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