Download Ces and the City PODCAST 32::: Retro Cessions4 "Freestyle2" by CessionDaventport

Ces and the City PODCAST 32::: Retro Cessions4 "Freestyle2"

Retro Cessions4: Part 2 of  my Classic Freestyle Hits from the 80's! 
What up Darla!

Style: 80'S Freestlye: Electro Dance/R&B/Funk/Latin
Mixed by: Cession Daventport (DJ Cession)

PODCAST Artwork:

01 Let Me Be The One*Expose
02 Sending All My Love*Linear
03 Point Of No Return*Nu Shooz 
04 I Wonder If I Take You Home*Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Full Force, Cult Jam & Lisa Lisa
05 Show Me*Cover Girls
06 Hooked On You*Sweet Sensation
07 Summertime, Summertime*Nocera
08 Spring Love*Stevie B
09 Say It's Gonna Rain*Will to Power
10 Give Me Tonight (7" Version)*Shannon
11 Funky Little Beat*Connie
12 Come Go With Me*Expose
13 I Wanna Be The One*Stevie B

*THIS MIX IS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY*All Ces and the City PODCAST are for promotional use only
*Music copyright c the respective artist*

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