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Download Chilliphunk's Old Skool Techno Mix One March 2020 by Chilliphunk-03

Hi House Mixes Community,

With all this negativity around the globe, recessions, pandemics etc. it's just nice to remain optimistic & just get back to basics. 

I'm hating the economic climate, yet I've spent the most time at home with my loved ones in these last few weeks then I have in the last few years. 

I'm loving the positive stories I'm hearing from all corners of our wonderful planet. The care and harmony that I've witnessed amongst our community is something I've never seen before. 

It's bittersweet yet inspirational at the same time. 

This next instalment is a throwback to the early to mid 90's where I used to be able to head down to the original (& best) sublime nightclub in Pitt Street Sydney, fresh out of high school with a hunger for something more interesting than the pop music on the radio play at the time. 

It features a heap of what can only be labelled as 'Techno' tracks in the playlist. 

It's a time where being in a crowd of 400 in a space designed for 200 was the norm (no social distancing here). 

The downstairs acoustics that DJ's in the basement were trying to capture successfully, to pure sound just bouncing off the walls and belting you in the back of your head, seamless transitions, the sound of vinyl, right down to the end of the set where the DJ would make his or her way to the middle of the dance floor just to dance with the crowd. 

Man they were great days. I hope y'all enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed mixing it. 

Take care, be kind, be safe, be happy, be positive and lets beat this damn thing with music & love :)  

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