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LTHM 527 - Diego Valle


Latest LTHM Label Release:
Cantos - North B Street Warehouse

Track List:

1.DiSKOP – Boost (Original)[Blackloops]
2.Steven.aint.leavn – Tungo (Original)[INTHEBOOTH]
3.Niko Maxen – Snooze You Lose (Original)[ROWLE]
4.Ja Kub – The Encounter (Original)[CELO Rec]
5.S3A – Fever (Felix Leifur Flexi Leifs Remix)[Dirt Crew Recordings]
6.Toomy Disco – Behind Me (Original)[Bla Bla]
7.Behache – Little Helpers 355-2 (Original)[Little Helpers]
8.Baasmal – Borderline (Original)[Conceptual]
9.Zlatnichi – Jateme (Original)[CELO Rec]
10.East End Dubs – Nur (Original)[East End Dubs]

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