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Download DJ Ciro's Club Nights' by DJ Ciro

My first mix of the New Year and you're gonna love it!  There's nothing better than mixes recorded live at a club.

They have a different energy and vibe to them  I recorded this on Saturday, February 16th between 10 pm and 12 midnight, 
at a local club here in New Jersey, U.S.A... and one of the largest in the area.  When you record a mix live there's no going back 
to make it better.  Where I live i'm one of only two DJ's still mixing in a club who are 60 years old.  I'm one of therm.  The crowd 
ranges from 21 to 40 and is a mixed gay and straight.  The music is House, Deep and Tech House, a few Classics and even a few 
re-makes of classics.  I hope you enjoy it, and please leave a comment.  

There's a full list of the 23 tracks below, and I've even included some background into which ones are re-makes of older classics

LGBTQ approved mix

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