Download Uplifting Vocal Trance Set (2021) by Dj Runken

Tracklist ; 

Christina Novelli & Richard Durand - My Guiding Light (Extended Mix)
DJ T.H. & Natalie Gioia - Euphoria (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Cari - Beautiful (Extended Mix)
Myde & Sharon Valerona - For Better Days (Extended Mix)
Nicholas Gunn & Alina Renae - Broken (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)
RAM & Susana Presents Tales Of Life - You Are Enough (Extended Mix)
Rene Ablaze feat. Sarah de Warren - The One (Extended Mix)
ReOrder & Sarah De Warren - Back To Life (Extended Mix)
Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - Save You (Extended Mix)
Robbie Seed & That Girl - Come Alive (Extended Mix)
Roger Shah & Genie O Malley - Touch The Feelz (Extended Mix)

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