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Download RISE of the MACHINES by DJ-F

I Can't believe It's been nearly 6 yrs since I dropped

An epic Journey Created by Using 4 of my favourite producers In the Dubstep scene,

Liquid Stranger, Excision, Downlink & Datsik & as 1 listener said
"Love the trajectory of this mix. Spinning a sick tale with these sick rhythms"

Which I must admit sums It up very nicely :D

You Can find the 1st mix here ---->

This is the sequel to that mix which leaves it open for the Finale In the Trilogy I always intended to create In a Special series

The 3rd & final mix will be created using songs or remixes by the same 4 artists with a few extra artists thrown In for back up hahahaha In the Final WAR of the MACHINES Trilogy Coming Soon...

Drop this LOUD & PROUD



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