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Download Lets Rock This Mutha F***a (Dirty DJ Style) 10-02-10 A by DJ-Maze-LV

When I did this mix I was on a f****n mission. Was getting sooo tired of people saying they like this style of music but not that one. Listen, for once and for all: Music is Music. Just because you're not into one style does not make it any less of a work of art. And the right dj/producer/remixer will take those words home, do some magic and stuff them right back up your ass. I constantly hear "Oh hey DJ Maze, I hate that techno ****, but I love the stuff you play." Yeah thanks Beavis, keep walking. This mix still gets me worked up (obviously). Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Maze (The Dirty DJ) PS. After this mix, I played all kinds of rock, old soul, and even country music remixes just to prove my point over and over and over..... AC/DC - Thunderstruck Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger The Outfield - Your Love Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Rage Against The Machine - Killin In The Name Of

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