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The ties that bind. The juice in your veins. What does your heart pump? Mine? DnB... My heart beats at 175 bpm. How about yours?

This refined mix of dnb and Nuerofunk from the good doc is sure to make your heart race and have you feeling the power as the subwoofers massage your inner needs.

calyx & teebee (feat. beardyman) - never take me alive.
andy c - haunting
hybrid minds (nympho rmx) - music talks
mikal - killa soundboy
dimension (uk) - whip slap
dom & roland (optiv & BTK rmx) - jungle beast
gridlok & prolix - slingshot
bassbrothers - jamaican thug
Misanthrop- deadlock
maztek, BTK (feat. Mc Kyrptomedic) - SMMF
teknian (LoKo rmx) - Desperados
octane, DLR (Feat. Script) - set up the set
nais - paranoia
a cray - diverted
kryteria - hunt you down
dabs & rhymetyme (feat. rhymetyme) - grindwork
phace & misanthrop - système mécanique
daVIP & encode - high technology
billian - boogie
gridlok & prolix - revenge
prolix - pick pocket
dextems - bad blocks
audio - break it
insideinfo (feat. miss trouble) - metamorphosis
andy c - work out
phace - vitreous
snake and major laser (odi boot) - lean on (dnb boot)
klute - can't see the grooves
octane & DLR - weird science

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