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Download GetAtMeInDaMixxx 0018 Come On Over fT Rihanna Needed Me and more by GetAtMe

man on this mix we had so many new great groove cuts, it was really hard to pick who was gonna make the team.  We got Rihanna NEEDED ME (the next hit...), Drake's CONTROLLA (a dj favorite...), Kent Jones DONT MIND (this thing started trending out of nowhere...), PartyNextDoor COME ON OVER (this is a great cut...), Dvsn DEEP (the Drake super group...) Marq Dean FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (Marq continues his growth..) Rayven Justice BETWEEN YOUR THIGHS (great new cut...) and Big Bank Black 4LIFE (this dude is on the way...).  Enjoy this GetAtMeInDaMixxx 0018

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