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Kleez Mix - 127 Get On The Floor.mp3

 E.H.R. ‎– Sexchange
 Blunt Funkers ‎– Move Around
Stories In Dubh     Chapter 3 (Melody & Harmony)
 Humans Close To Orgasm ‎– Late Night Extention E.P.
 Fatback Boogaloo ‎– Wide Open Spaces
 M.C.D.C. ‎– Honey Did That
 Pacha ‎– One Kiss (Remix)
 Chiller Twist ‎– Driverz Of The Deep
 Aquaculture ‎– Life Moves
 Hardhead ‎– New York Express
 Planet Soul ‎– Set U Free (The E.H.R. Mixes)
 Robert Owens ‎– I'll Be Your Friend (Part 1)
 Ortus ‎– Resolve
 Club 69 Featuring Kim Cooper ‎– Diva
 Babilonia ‎– Impress Me
 Hardhead ‎– Demon Dreams
 Batucatimbale ‎– Batucatimbale
 Cevin Fisher Featuring Loleatta Holloway ‎– (You Got Me) Burnin' Up

64.22 minutes

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