Download Techno / Classic House Music Mix - 06/05/2011 by Leroy Skibone

Leroy Skibone Techno / Classic Chicago House Mix - 06/05/2011 A mix from my Infinity Tunes broadcast on June 5, 2011. I went in with nothing prepared and I thought two things - I'll alternate between classic house and techno songs and I'll try to have at least two songs playing at all times. I even got it up to 5 songs at once around the 86 minute mark and it sounded surprisingly good. To pat myself on the back a bit - I think this is the best live mix I've done so far and again - it's just scratching the surface of Ableton's abilities. Crystal Method featuring New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle No Name - Hypnotic House Chemical Brothers - Don't Stop The Rock Jesse Velez - Girls Out On The Floor Nick Rhodes - Come Alive (Tiga Remix) Bad Boy Bill - Sexx Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (Salt Lake Mix) Adonis - Lost In The Sound (Lost Mix) Moby - Help Me To Believe Rickster - Night Moves (Night House Mix) Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet Royal House - Can You Party (Club Mix) Praga Khan - Look At Me Now Armando - Land Of Confusion (Confusion Mix) 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (UXB Mix) Bam Bam - Give It To Me (Street Mix) Headrillaz - If I Let You Live Black Riot - Warlock (Club Mix) Timo Mass - Shifter Mike Dunn - Magic Feet Timo Mass - Pictures (Evil Nine Remix) Adonis - No Way Back (Instrumental) Leftfield - Afrika Shox MDIII - Face The Nation Soul Of Man - Sukdat (Remix) Kenny Jammin Jason With Fast Eddie Smith - Can U Dance (Can U Dance) Jean Paul Bondy - Reformer (Product 01 Remix) Ramos - Jackin' National Anthem Andy Hunter - Come On Mr Lee - Pump Up Chicago (Acid Mix) Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder (AA AAAcid) Two Without Hats - Try Yazz (E. 140th St Club Yazz) Caged Baby - 16 Lovers LNR - It's A Mystery To Me Criminal House - Rhythm Talk (Lloyd's Dub) Orbital - Funny Break (Weekend Ravers Mix) Revoked - Pieces (The Phoenix Mix) Daft Punk - Technologic House Gang - Cool J Trax White Knight - Gonna Jack (Instrumental) West Phillips - Tell Me (Crucial House Mix) Phuture - Phuture Jacks Girls Aloud - Untouchable Quest - Mind Games Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings Of Life (Flam-Boy-Ant Mix) Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes (Jagz Kooner Mix) Overseer - Doomsday (DJ Hyper Mix) Pendulum - Out Here Orbital - Much Ado About Nothing Left Get more house grooves from Leroy Skibone at

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