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Download Quantum Sequences 2013 - Volume 1 + 2 - Full Album by tomleon



It's a special Concept-Album: Astrology, Astronomy, Cosmology, composed with some kinds of Overtones... with Irish, Asian and Oriental influences - always chilling and deep relaxing... my Debut-Album!


Tracklist: Quantum Sequences 2013 - Volume 1 + 2 - Full Album | complete with Bonus Tracks


starts at:

00:00__01_Nebadon Borealis [PreRise] [feat. Sheila Chandra with the Ganges Orchestra]_4:45 ***

04:45__02_Plejadian Fixum_3:23 ***

08:08__03_Full Moon Night [Move on - Shining] [feat. Kate Bush]_3:25 ***

11:32__04_Jungles Of Jupiter_3:47

15:20__05_Hon Tay Shoon_2:12

17:31__06_Sagittarius Strings_1:20

18:50__07_Sunstreams On Mercury [feat. Laurie Anderson]_4:19

23:10__08_Venus Of Tibet_3:50

27:50__09_In Space And Time [Keep On Moving] [feat. Soul II Soul]_5:22

32:29__10_The Rings Of Saturn [Shine Shine] [feat. Luther Vandross]_2:36 ***

34:57__11_Plutonium Grace  [feat. Laurie Anderson]_2:38

37:43__12_Newborn Galaxy_4:21

41:59__13_Haikkonian Dream_2:01

44:00__14_Deep Space Neptune [feat. Benjamin Winans]_2:11

46:23__15_Sleeping Aries_2:48

49:01__16_When The Moon Is In The 12th House [feat. Barry White]_5:04

50:55__17_The Incomplete Zodiac_0:38


55:47__19_Wild Strings Virgo_1:44

Bonus Tracks:

57:29__20_A Never Ending Journey [Through The Expanding Universe] [feat. Cate Blanchet]_4:57

62:27__21_Nebadon Borealis [RePrise] [feat. Sheila Chandra with the Ganges Orchestra]_4:34 ***

67:03__22_Quincunx [Love Live Life]_6:06

73:08__23_Nautilus Theme [Everlasting Cosmic Spiral Movement]_6:38


77:46__24_Outro: As Time Goes By [In The 3rd Dimension]_2:04


tpt 79:51


If you download this Album, note: Your MP3 contains the CD cover art, the playlist and further Background-Information.




You can also download the most extended singles for free on bandcamp:



Or listen to the Extended Mixes as a Split-EP-Mix:


For private and promotional use only!



Date of release: 2013-26-01 - Digital Recording - 320kbs


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