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Frechen - Germany
Born in 1977, #Disharmonics could inspire at a young age for the electronic music. In 1989, fascinated by electronic sounds, he got his first keyboard and spent the most time on the radio to play through everything. He taught himself so the keys match. The biggest influences that formed his unique style and musical character were among others Talking Hands, Paul Hardcastle, Peter Schilling, Depeche Mode, DJ Dag, Jam & Spoon, Thorsten Fenslau, Andry Nalin (Nalin Inc), Emanuel Top and Der dritte Raum. The scene of Frankfurt and the Dorian Gray (Airport) influenced him substantial. 1994 moved to Cologne, he became acquainted with the night life, established first contacts and started to reside as Dj in clubs such as the Rhine Halls, 42, Playground, Warehouse, Progress, Ysabeau and Octogon. Radio "Sensation" from Cologne was discovered on him. As regular quest Dj he was a part of the radiostation. After some time, he found more and more interest to produce his own tracks and remixes of various artists such as Mickey Santos, Rino da Silva or Beat Constructor. Some of his tracks made it in the top 3 positions of the Uptrax Dance Charts and thus in the rotation list of radio Sunshine Live. But of course the time behind the decks was slightly too short. At the beginning of 2011 Disharmonics established the webradio DishFm. There he has presented his radio show Soundflash succesfully for three years and are also broadcasted on Afroradio and ProgressiveFm (Italia). Today, he is regulary booked for clubs such as Studio21 (Innsbruck, Austria), Underground (Hanover, Taktwerk) and Loom Club (Cologne).

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