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brighton - United Kingdom
Jack of House are a pair of DJ's from the sunny streets of Brighton who live and breath for music. Friends since there school days, these music loving heroes have been spinning together on and off for over 10 years but have now finally decided to join forces and combine there extensive knowledge of all things musical. There solo ability to rock a crowd is legendary, as is there wide taste of music, and now as they come together the future most certainly looks bright. Not content with playing other peoples beautifully crafted music, they have naturally progressed into the studio to create and unleash there own brand of sounds that no sane person can stand still to. Get ready as 2011 is set to be the year that everyone is talking about Jack of House.....

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DJOPENSHAW Monday, February 14, 2011

Thanks for taking the time out to comment on my latest Jackin mix, much appreciated! : )