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    Username: TrickTheDJ
    Gender: Male
    Location: San Diego, United States
    Date Joined: 7/27/2011 10:44:28 PM +01:00
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    Unknown Artist
    6/22/2013 6:25:44 PM +01:00
    Wow welcome back!!!!!!(=
    2/28/2012 1:48:36 PM +00:00
    You and Nitrogen have to be the two best artists on house mixes. Big ups from Syracuse NY!
    12/28/2011 7:28:03 PM +00:00
    man keep up the good work, love the DRUMSTEP
    12/17/2011 9:13:57 AM +00:00
    *huge thumbs up* Loving the "My Lil Sister Hates Dubstep" Mixes man! Keep 'em coming
    10/1/2011 12:01:36 AM +01:00
    Thank you for your comments
    9/28/2011 9:53:23 AM +01:00
    I am mostly a break-beat guy. But I find myself listening to dubstep more and more. But I'm pretty selective in what dub I like. Well I finally found a DJ who plays they dub tracks I like thanks trick. Keep making mixes.
    9/25/2011 1:58:46 PM +01:00
    What A Fricken WICKED DJ. LEGEND! I don't generally dance at clubs anymore, but damnit, if he was playing, I wouldn't be able to help it!
    9/25/2011 6:59:33 AM +01:00
    nice substep man check out my mixes
    8/20/2011 7:22:24 PM +01:00
    dude, ur mixes rock. nuff said. :)
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