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    Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada
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    1/12/2012 9:51:32 PM +00:00
    I will check them out this week.
    7/14/2011 5:15:11 AM +01:00
    Hey bro I finally put a new mix up and used one of your songs. Check it out......London Reign - Dark Migrations, your track two.
    6/8/2011 3:54:41 AM +01:00
    Hey Chris love some of the new songs. I am putting together a mix this week to post and will use your stuff. For sure if you get something going in the Peg I would love to be there as my family is from there originally. As for here the Hardcore scene here, it is small but still going strong. I will pass on some of your music to the local promoter when I see her next and go from there. Keep the new music coming!!
    4/18/2011 12:51:09 AM +01:00
    i forgot to ask u make these songs dude?
    4/18/2011 12:48:38 AM +01:00
    Thanks for the like Chris!I appreciate much man!!!
    4/7/2011 2:26:31 PM +01:00
    Thanks Man. I will let you know when the mix goes up. Your song will be the opener for sure!
    4/6/2011 2:39:37 PM +01:00
    Hey do you mind if I use Rock to the Rhythm in my next mix?
    4/6/2011 4:19:02 AM +01:00
    What's up WavShaperZ. Good to see more Canadians on here. Rock to the Rhythm F@$king rocks man!!
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