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a few bangers!!! starting off with some classix. tony de vit-the dawn(paul janes remix) champion burns-scratchism dark by design-severe punishment heavens cry-till tears do us part (flash harry remix) 4 motion-over 4 me 12" thumpers-dont cross the line lee pasch-hybirdize  question mark-the birds i could go on, but dont think there would be enough space! so on 2 a few choons that are in my box that are more newer. technikal & nathalie- psycho lucy fur-u want it tom parr-ladyboys technikal-anihilation 2010 technikal-teardrops technikal-back 2the old skool andy whitby & technikal-hard house slut tom berry rob davies-frequency clear scott genetik-eat me lkl-rantan(omega drive techno remix) seizure-beat you back fausto-lupara
DJ Re-Had is the latest spark of DJ talent to spring from the South West of England. An up and coming DJ and aspiring producer, DJ Re-Had is rapidly gaining a host of fans hailing from both the South West and Wales and is becoming a firm favorite on hard dance line ups across the area.
Although he can regularly be seen playing on hard dance line ups, DJ Re-Had has the impressive ability to mix any genre of music and dabbles in range of styles, from uplifting trance to reverse bass hardstyle, but with his roots and his passion lying firmly within the hard house / hard trance hybrid which defines the majority of his sets. Having started mixing at the tender age of 15, DJ Re-Had has graced the decks of many events across the South West and Wales, including Ministry of Sound, Bionic, SUGAR, Nuclear, 1nfluence and Convulsion to name a few. A favorite with the crowd, his passion, energy and love for every tune in his record box is overwhelmingly apparent, producing stomping, crowd pleasing sets, all laced together with a twist of Re-Had magic. Taking influences from Andy Whitby, Technikal, The Tidy Boys and Mark EG, Re-Had has developed a distinct style of mixing with his trademark tweaks and undeniable talent for energetic and upbeat mixes making him an ideal addition to any hard dance line up. 
Not limited to just creating energetic DJ sets, Re-Had has recently turned his hand to producing, and his first release with Technikal titled “Start the Panic” reached number 2 in the Trackitdown Hard Dance Chart within the first week of release. This is a reflection of the musical ability and talent which encompasses Re-Had, and that his years of hard practice and dedication to the music scene have paid off.
Alongside his impeccable talent for reading the crowd and playing the ideal beats to get the clubbers jumping, Re-Had has an incredible knowledge for every track, beat, and riff featured in almost all hard dance tracks released in the past 10 years. This deep appreciation for the music and immersion in the hard dance scene has shaped Re-Had into the DJ he is today, and this is apparent in his tight, precise mixing and up-tempo chopping and changing, which can only come from knowing his record box back to front and inside out, and truly makes him stand out from the crowd. 
A DJ and producer this diverse is rarely seen, and the finely tuned and toned skills that DJ Re-Had already has to offer are inevitably the making of a superstar. As a firm favourite with the local crowds, Re-Had is set to be the one of the next big things in the name of hard dance.
for more info or to book Re-Had then please email or simply go on his Dj Re-Had fan page on facebook  @ also catch all the latest sounds on his soundcloud page @
thanx and much love
dj re-had xx
andy whitby
lisa lashes
matt lee (aka dj gammer)
tidy boys
rodi style
mark eg
swankie dj & kashi
alex kidd
cally gage
dj kurt

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